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Hearing Solutions is throwing down the welcome mat for patients whose hearing aid clinics are closing, including those from Sears Hearing and the soon-to-be-closed Sinai Health System Audiology clinic at Mount Sinai Hospital in downtown Toronto.

It’s not always a good feeling to find out that your trusted healthcare provider is closing up shop for good. In fact, the thought of having to rehash your entire medical history with someone new can be…well…annoying and even daunting.

Hearing Solutions offers ‘Best in Hearing’ services

Thankfully, at Hearing Solutions we can assist you with all your hearing aid services and hearing loss treatment needs. 

  • Do think you need a hearing aid repair, tube changes, cleanings or adjustments?
  • Do you want to schedule a free annual hearing test?
  • Do you need extra batteries or hearing aid accessories?
  • Do you think you’re due for a new hearing instrument(s) and want to book a free, no-obligation consultation to explore new advanced digital, invisible, rechargeable, Bluetooth-enabled and water-resistant technology?

Hearing Solutions can help you with that!

We will honour your current warranty

Hearing Solutions will make the transition from your current hearing health providers at Sears and Sinai Health System easier by...

As a bonus, you’ll benefit because Hearing Solutions will…

  • Honour your current hearing aid warranty
  • Provide Free Clean and Check services on your current hearing devices for the remainder of your warranty
  • Determine if your hearing aids require any further service or final maintenance before your warranty expires
  • Give you a free box of batteries

You can get all these great benefits that all our patients receive at no cost to you, simply by registering and transferring your file to any one of over 20 Hearing Solutions hearing loss clinics across Ontario by April 30, 2017.

Hearing loss experts

Hearing Solutions’ dedicated CASLPO registered Audiologists and AHIP registered Hearing Instrument Specialists, backed by seasoned hearing healthcare support staff, are passionate about the health of your ears and getting you back to focusing on life and not your hearing loss.

Hearing Solutions is a Consumer Choice Award GTA winner and has been voted ‘Best in Hearing’ for 14 consecutive years.

Call us or schedule an appointment online to experience the Hearing Solutions difference with sound advice you can trust.

We’ll be happy to hear from you.

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