Hearing Solutions is tying in a milestone birthday with the most important Month in the industry

Toronto, ON (May 1, 2017) – Hearing Solutions is celebrating its 20th May in Ontario and Better Speech and Hearing Month (BSHM) with a twist this year. To help elevate the importance of BSHM, Hearing Solutions will be making a donation on behalf of each patient completing a hearing test accompanied by a significant other or friend this month (May 1st – 31st.) All proceeds will go to VOICE: For Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children – a non-profit organisation that shares Hearing Solutions’ strong focus on family centred care for all individuals with a hearing loss.

"While changes in hearing might be normal, they have far-reaching implications that can be managed..."

- Hearing Solutions Audiology Manager, Andreas Seelisch

 Have you heard?

  • On average, it takes up to 10 years before people act on a suspected hearing loss.
  • Regular hearing checks are as vital as dental and vision checks
  • More people suffer from hearing loss than vision loss.

Hearing Solutions’ Audiology Manager, Andreas Seelisch, will be hosting technology debut events and speaking at numerous educational seminars to help bridge the gap between hearing loss and the best hearing solution.

Click to read more about VOICE - the only parent support organization in Ontario for parents of children who are learning to listen and speak with the use of hearing technology

Seelisch says, “May is Better Speech and Hearing Month and there is no better time to highlight the importance of healthy hearing. While changes in hearing might be normal, they have far-reaching implications that can be managed and so it’s important that we educate individuals as to what is happening in their case and what can be done to ensure they are connected to the rich acoustical environment that is our world.”

Hearing Solutions hopes to change the lives of patients by giving them the gift of better hearing and making a donation to VOICE on behalf of each of them this May.

About Hearing Solutions

With 26 locations across Ontario, Hearing Solutions clinics are unique in that patients are afforded the opportunity to purchase hearing aids at the same place they have their hearing tested, unlike at a doctor's office or a hearing aid retailer; all Hearing Solutions clinics are staffed and equipped to provide complete hearing evaluations as well as comprehensive and professional hearing aid fittings. In addition to state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technologies in hearing aids, Hearing Solutions’ staff includes registered dispensing Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists. Hearing Solutions has been voted “Best Hearing Clinic” for over 14 years and is celebrating 20 years of service to your ears! www.hearingsolutions.ca.

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