Hearing Solutions Aural Rehabilitation How-To Video Tutorials

Video tutorial series with tips on how to use and maintain your hearing aids are just a click away.

Hearing Solutions hearing aid how-to videos demonstrated by experts

Hearing Solutions CASLPO Registered Audiologists provide tips and tricks on how to maintain, troubleshoot, and get the most out of your hearing aids in our informative how-to series.

In most cases, hearing loss can be treated with hearing aids. These devices are usually a major component of aural rehabilitation.

Get familiar with your hearing instruments

Some may feel intimidated by their new devices, but we hope these video tutorials will help ease that feeling. Hearing aids are technological marvels, but a little coaching can make you an expert on using your hearing devices.

If you still feel a bit wary, these videos can even help a friend or family member learn how to help you get the most out of your hearing aids.

How to connect your hearing aids to your TV using Bluetooth?

How to replace wax guards on BTE hearing aids?

How to replace wax guards on custom hearing aids?

How to clean, care, and maintain your hearing aids?

How to change your hearing aid batteries?

How to connect your hearing aid to your Bluetooth devices?

How to troubleshoot common problems with your hearing aids?

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