How to Troubleshoot Common Problems with your Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids are mini electronic powerhouses, but you may encounter problems that usually only need a simple fix. Hearing Solutions' Aural Rehab Video Series shows you how to apply these easy fixes yourself.

Common hearing aid problems

Registered CASLPO Audiologist and Hearing Solutions Audiology Manager Tracy Saunders is back in this Aural Rehab video tutorial to help you troubleshoot common problems that may arise with your hearing aids.

This tutorial will give you greater control over your hearing health by giving you the tools to quickly assess and solve any issues.

Hearing Solutions provides free aural rehab counselling to our patients in our clinics as part of their hearing aid package. Now assistance with your hearing aids is just a click away.


‘How to troubleshoot common problems with your hearing aids’ video transcript

Hi, my name is Tracy Saunders and I’m an audiologist with Hearing Solutions. I’m registered with CASLPO, the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario. 
Today we’re going to look at how to troubleshoot some common problems that may happen with your hearing aid.
One common issue that can happen with hearing aids, is that they don’t produce any sound at all or patient sometimes say my hearing aid is dead. 
If that happens there may be a few issues that are causing that to happen. 
The first may be that the hearing aid is blocked with wax. 
If the wax is sitting in front of the speaker and it’s all plugged up, no sound is going to get through. 
If that’s the case, you’ll need to remove the wax. 
If you’re hearing aid has a filter, then change the filter.
It’s important to remove the old filter that’s plugged with wax and replace it with a new filter. 
Then check and see if your hearing aid is making sound again.
If it is, that was the problem. 
If this hearing aid continues not to make any sound, next you want to look at changing the battery. 
Remember that batteries come in these dial packs. 
I’m going to remove a new battery from the packaging, peel off the sticker and wait two minutes until the battery is ready and active. 
Remove the old hearing aid battery and replace with the new battery. 
Again, this should restore the sound. 
Now, if cleaning the hearing aid and replacing the battery of the hearing aid doesn’t work, I’d contact the local hearing aid clinic and have them investigate what’s going on. 
There could be an issue and the hearing aid may need to go out for repair. 
At Hearing Solutions we recommend checking your hearing on a regular and annual basis. 
If at any point you feel that you’re hearing has changed, it’s important to come in and book your free hearing test.
If you’re hearing has changed and maybe gotten a bit worse, it may sound as though you’re hearing aid is weak, but really the hearing aid just needs to be increased in volume. 
It’s a very simple appointment. 
The last issue I’m going to discuss today is that the hearing aid sounds distorted. 
If the hearing aid is not clear, again, I would try to clean it, changing any wax cards or filters and replacing the battery. 
If the sound continues, check with your local hearing aid clinic. 
Hearing Solutions will gladly take a look at your hearing aid and see if we can investigate the problem. 
It may be something that we can fix in-clinic or perhaps we need to send it to the factory for repair. 
Whatever the case, we’ll be sure to get you hearing better in no time.
My name is Tracy Saunders and I’m an audiologist with Hearing Solutions. 
Thanks for joining today’s episode on how to troubleshoot common problems with your hearing aid. 
If I haven’t answered your question, please feel free to come into any Hearing Solutions clinic. 
We’ll do our best to help you through your problem.
Have a great day. See you soon!

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