What is an audiologist?

An audiologist is a healthcare professional who is university-trained to provide a comprehensive array of services related to prevention, evaluation and rehabilitation of hearing impairment and its associated communicative disorders. An audiologist may also work with assistive listening devices should hearing aids not be a suitable solution.

What is involved in a hearing test?

A hearing test is performed by an audiologist in our clinics. The objective is to find the softest volume level that you can hear. The test takes no more then an hour and is detailed enough to determine if hearing aids are required or not. Our audiologists will provide you with an explanation of the results and the effects it may have on your hearing.

Are you ever too old to benefit from hearing aids?

No matter what your age, you rely on your hearing to maintain a connection with the world and communicate with those closest to you.

Can hearing aids help all types of hearing loss?

All age-related hearing loss can be helped through amplification. A hearing test will provide you with a definite answer.

Will hearing aids restore my hearing to normal?

Just as their name suggests, hearing aids can only aid your hearing, whatever its condition. They can't restore hearing to normal nor retard the progression of hearing loss.

What is Aural Rehabillitation?

Aural Rehabilitation is the technical term used for the ongoing counseling and education process required to assist hard-of-hearing people learn how to effectively use their hearing instruments. Hearing Solutions recommends aural rehab especially for new users of hearing aids to ensure they get the maximum benefit from their investment.