Oticon Opn Hearing Aid for Teens

The hearing solution that's geared toward teens, but fit for all. If you're looking for a discreet hearing aid that blends form and function, speak to your hearing loss treatment specialist about the Oticon Opn miniRITE model.

World’s first internet-connected hearing aids

Oticon’s Opn hearing aid solution is geared toward teens with hearing loss and comes in the discreet miniRITE BTE model that fits comfortably behind the ear.

The Oticon Opn, the world’s first Internet-connected hearing aid, is the perfect choice for teenagers that are always on the cusp of the latest technology or chasing, sharing and talking about the next big thing.

If you’re more of a big kid that we like to call an adult, find out from your Audiologist or Hearing Instrument Specialist if the Opn miniRITE could work for you.

Oticon’s Opn miniRITE model lets you connect to all your devices including your…

  • Smartphone
  • PC
  • Tablet
  • TV
  • Portable music player
  • Gaming console

Pair your hearing aids with your smartphone

Click here for ‘How to Connect your Hearing Aids to your Bluetooth Devices’ transcript

We listen with our brains

Oticon’s hearing technology is developed with the fact that we don’t hear with our ears, but with our brains, in mind.

Your brain receives sound information and then translates those sounds into something you can hear. Your brain also discriminates between sounds it wants to listen to and those it chooses to ignore.

Download the Oticon Opn miniRITE user guide

Your brain tries to make sense of the sound it receives and extracts meaning from what you hear.

If your brain receives only partial information, it’s harder to translate those sounds into something meaningful that facilitates complete speech understanding. The result is you increase cognitive load, using up more mental energy and effort.

Educational and cognitive development

Studies show a young person’s educational, speech, and cognitive development can be negatively affected by hearing loss if left untreated.

So, their brains need to receive all the information necessary for them to hear well and make sense of what they’re hearing.

Opn hearing aids, backed by Oticon’s BrainHearing™ technology helps your child hear and retain more information with less effort.

#ShowYourAids in style

Opn hearing aids aren’t invisible, but like many hearing aid models today, are small enough so that they don’t have to be the centre of attention. These hearing devices come in colours that blend in with your skin tone, hair or just your personal style.

Get social again with award-winning technology

Now you can join the party again…literally. The Oticon Opn hearing aid will get you socialising again because you’ll hear more from every angle with the advantage of a 360-degree auditory landscape.

With the Oticon Opn, you’ll be better able to hear…


  • Where sounds are coming from
  • Able to differentiate between sounds
  • Experience better speech understanding even when multiple people are talking by focusing on one speaker while suppressing other sounds
  • Improved spatial sense of your surroundings
  • Enjoy better hearing even in dynamic and noisy environments like concerts, movies, during TV shows
  • Listen with less effort in school

Hearing aid control at your finger tips

No need to control your hearing aids with a remote or with some device you wear around your neck. On top of being able to connect to all your most treasured devices, you can also control your Opn hearing instruments with an app.

With the Oticon ON App, you can connect your hearing aids to the internet, receive text messages when your batteries are low or even get a ping whenever a text comes in on your mobile phone, etc., etc.

Download the Oticon Opn miniRITE product guide

The Opn miniRITE hearing instrument is made for iPhone and Android devices.

Just the hearing solution a teenager needs to keep them on top of all things social and all things to do with the internet.

Find out more about the Opn miniRITE hearing aid

A Hearing Solutions’ Audiology Professional would be happy to share more information with you about the miniRITE hearing aid model whether you’re a concerned parent or an adult looking for a discreet hearing solution.

Click here to contact a Hearing Solutions Audiology clinic in your area.

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