Oticon Opn Hearing Aid

A whole new world of sound opens up with the Oticon Opn hearing aids, providing a more robust, complete and natural sound.

Oticon Opn is the first internet-connected hearing aid

A made for iPhone hearing aid, Oticon’s Opn Behind-the-Ear (BTE) device is said to “improve your ability to understand speech even in challenging environments by 30%, compared to the previous generation of hearing instruments.” The Oticon Opn takes the effort out of listening, which can be fatiguing if you’re having trouble hearing.

Instead of only amplifying the sound of one speaker and lowering the volume of others, the Opn creates a more realistic and natural listening environment by allowing you to actively participate in discussions with multiple speakers in any given conversation.

Discreet powerhouse

The Oticon Opn hearing devices are small technological powerhouses that are 50 times faster than their predecessors, processing the difference between speech and noise 100 times per second. This award-winning instrument hearing instrument recognises that you hear with your brain, not just your ears. If you’re missing words, your brain can’t properly process sounds and add any meaning to them.

Download the Oticon Opn user guide

The result can be a cognitive load that puts a strain on your brain. The Oticon Opn offers improved listening conditions to reduce the strain and keep you up to speed during your multi-faceted, everyday life.

Keeping you connected

Your Oticon Opn hearing aids can be connected to your iPhone (along with your iPad or iPod), eliminating the need for a wearable streamer that sends sound from your smartphone or TV directly to your hearing instruments.

Download the Oticon ON App quick guide

The Oticon ON App allows you to control the volume, check battery levels and switch listening programs with a simple tap on your phone. Stream audio directly to your hearing aids from up to 15 metres away.

Small on size, big on performance

Available in a tiny, discreet hearing aid model, the Oticon Opn miniRITE BTE device has a variety of features that are accessible using a single push-button for volume and program control. This hearing instrument uses a 312 battery and comes in 8 different colours.

Click here to find out if the Oticon Opn is right for you.

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