Oticon Sensei Hearing Aid

The Oticon Sensei hearing aid offers a robust premium hearing solution, made with your child in mind.

Sensei – the hearing solution for kids

Let’s face it, your child is busy being an active kid and needs a hearing aid with the robust hearing amplification necessary to help them get through school and to ensure optimal language and speech development.

With Oticon’s Sensei hearing aids, your child will have the benefit of a premium hearing instrument that gives them improved speech understanding, no matter in what kind of noise environment they find themselves.

The details are in the technology

The Oticon Sensei hearing aid offers its users more natural sound with better clarity. Oticon’s advanced hearing technology means that your child’s hearing experience includes an “array of advanced, automatic and coordinated systems – such as complex signal processing, adaptive directionality, noise management and feedback cancellation systems…”

Better hearing means the cognitive load experienced by your child is minimised, further relieving the strain and fatigue that comes with not hearing well.

Many useful features as they grow

The Sensei hearing aid provides many features to accommodate your child’s changing needs and development.

  • The Sensei can connect wirelessly to phones, TV and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • LED status indicator lets you know your hearing aid’s battery life and functioning status.
  • The Sensei hearing aid is built tough to withstand some of the rough-housing that goes along with being a kid. It’s also water and dust resistant.
  • Shock and drop resistant hearing aids
  • Equipped with a tamper-resistant battery door to help prevent accidental swallowing.
  • Comes with a SafeLine retention cord that’s similar to cords for your glasses
  • Comes in RITE (Receiver-in-the-Ear) and BTE (Behind-the-Ear) models

Express yourself

With Oticon’s Sensei hearing aid your child can hear better, but also express their personal style with a variety of colours, giving them the confidence to accept and show off their hearing instruments.

Download the Oticon Sensei RITE user guide

Download the Oticon Sensei BTE user guide

The Sensei also comes with custom stickers so your child can truly personalise their hearing aids with colours and themes they like the most.

Find out more

Speak to your Audiologist about the Oticon Sensei hearing aid and if it’s right for your child’s long-term development.

Click here to contact a Hearing Solutions about Sensei 

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