Oticon Sensei SP Hearing Aid

Oticon's Super Power hearing aid made for severe to profound hearing loss is a discreet BTE device for active kids...as if there was any other kind of child.

Sensei Super Power

Oticon’s Sensei Super Power (SP) hearing aid is made specifically for a kid’s life. Hearing is an important component of your child’s speech comprehension, language and communication development.

The Sensei SP provides a robust hearing solution for people with severe to profound hearing loss.

Your child’s brain needs stimulation to help improve their capacity to…

  • Acquire vocabulary
  • Carry on conversations with family and friends
  • Hear their teacher’s voice in class
  • Play with their friends

Using the brain to hear

Your child needs to be able to filter the speech that goes to their brain. Oticon’s Sensei SP hearing aid helps your child distinguish speech with more clarity, so they hear a complete spectrum of spoken words.

Download Oticon’s Sensei SP product guide

Once they can distinguish speech with better clarity, children can improve speech development, increasing their participation in social settings at home, school and at play.

The Sensei SP hearing solution provides the hearing technology they need as an infant or as a teenager.

Oticon Sensei SP BrainHearing™ technology

  • Oticon’s Speech Guard E technology lets you hear “more speech details.”
  • The Sensei SP’s Speech Rescue feature means your child can access often-times inaudible high-frequency sounds like the ones made by ‘s’ and ‘t.’
  • The Inium Feedback Shield technology makes Oticon’s Sensei Super Power hearing aids more comfortable by preventing annoying feedback.

A hearing instrument that grows with your child

Oticon’s Sensei SP is designed to ensure “an exceptionally powerful hearing aid in a very small size.”

Coming in a wide array of colours, the Sensei Super Power hearing devices Behind-the-Ear (BTE) model, along with decorative stickers, lets your child embrace their personal hearing aid style.

Download Oticon’s Sensei SP user guide

The Sensei SP is made hypo-allergenic, water and dust-resistant. It’s also built with a strong shell construction, making it shock and drop-resistant. The tamper-proof battery door means you can prevent accidental swallowing of hearing aid batteries, so you can have peace-of-mind with features that protect your investment while improving the quality of your child’s life.

A LED visual status indicator lets you know how much battery life is left and provides a status on its function.

Staying Connected

The Connect Line app will let your kids stream audio directly into their hearing aids from their favourite devices including smartphones, tablets, TVs and while gaming.

Contact Hearing Solutions to find out more about the Sensei SP hearing aid.

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