SoundCARE Plan

Total Support for your Current Hearing Aids. With soundCARE, we've got you covered!

Why choose a soundCARE Plan?

Whether you purchased your current hearing aid(s) from us or not, Hearing Solutions is dedicated to ensuring that they’re always in the best condition possible. The average services required for each hearing aid can add up. A soundCARE Plan can save you over 75% off the typical maintenance costs per year.



With the soundCARE Plan you receive 1 full year of UNLIMITED:

  • Cleaning
  • Minor Repair
  • Programming
  • Tube Changes (BTE)
  • Shipping/Handling*

*Some shipping conditions may apply. See clinic for details.


Additional Services

The soundCARE Plan also gives you:

  • Ongoing counseling and individual instruction on the use of your hearing aid(s)
  • Complimentary annual hearing tests and reassessments
  • Hearing aid cleaning and in-clinic servicing your current hearing aid(s).

Protect your investment

You’ve spent considerable time and money investing in your current hearing aids and we understand how important it is to protect them. The Hearing Solutions soundCARE plan gives you the security you deserve. Protect your hearing aids and protect your investment.

Cost of service

One Hearing Aid $200
Two Hearing Aids $300

For more information, find a location closest to you.


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