Hearing Aid Options: Purchase a Hearing Aid

Hearing Solutions' full-service hearing aid package offers patients peace of mind in their journey towards better hearing with your hearing instruments.

Your complete Hearing Aid package includes:

  • Personal care and attention by qualified Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists
  • Complimentary hearing assessment
  • Hearing aid fitting adjustment and reprogramming, as needed
  • Post hearing aid fitting counselling, including individual instruction and information sessions
  • Satisfaction guaranteed over the 90-day adjustment trial period
  • Ongoing cleaning and service, as needed, during the life of the hearing aid
  • Two-year Hearing Solutions maintenance and repair warranty
  • One-year loss and damage insurance
  • Follow-up hearing aid evaluations and hearing assessments
  • Hearing Aid Battery club membership
  • Hearing Aid Accessory Kit: one package of batteries, cleaning tools, and hearing aid storage case

From hearing loss to hearing solution

Treating hearing loss with hearing aids is part of the aural rehabilitation process. Aural rehabilitation is the term used to describe the ongoing counselling and education associated with hard-of-hearing people effectively learning how to use their hearing aids.

There’s no definitive timeline for adapting to your hearing aids.

For some people, it can take as little as two weeks to adapt to their new hearing instruments. On the other hand, it can take others up to several months to get used to their new hearing aids.

4 tips to help you successfully adapt to your hearing aids

In order to get the most out of your hearing aids and your investment you should…

  1. Wear your hearing instruments as prescribed by your clinician
  2. If any issues come up with your hearing aids, call your hearing loss treatment clinic. Often your concerns can be addressed over the phone
  3. Stay positive about your commitment to hear better and improve your communication with family, friends, co-workers, school mates, and the wider public
  4. Be persistent! Be consistent about wearing your hearing aids, as your brain adapts to hearing at more normal levels again. It may sound strange in the beginning, but being persistent and consistent with wearing your devices will ensure that you have more success during the adaptation process.

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