Why Hearing Solutions?

We strive to provide the highest levels of care and service to our patients. You can feel confident that your patients will be treated in a caring, professional and ethical manner.

Your ability to hear matters as much to us, as it does to you. Whether you’re a spouse, a parent, a sibling, a friend or you, yourself, suffer from hearing loss, nothing is more important than regaining the ability to connect, through conversation and laughter, with your loved ones.

Our mission is to help you do just that.

At Hearing Solutions, we have been proudly helping patients enjoy the world of sound and life for over 20 years. Our talented team of professionals are passionate about helping you live life to the fullest and are committed to providing you sound advice you can trust in a warm and caring environment. When you come to us, we become part of your team, whose goal is to support you and help you fully enjoy the world of sound.


With our 90 day trial period and satisfaction guarantee, you can now improve the quality of your life, confidently and comfortably.


Take advantage of our 0% financing program, and also speak with one of our professional hearing healthcare providers to see what promotions we may be offering to help you find the right solution that meets your unique needs, preferences, and budget.


At Hearing Solutions, we believe that aftercare support is just as important as our individualized care during your assessment and hearing aid fitting. To help ensure that you are happy throughout your entire hearing healthcare journey, we offer the Hear Forever Package – unique to Hearing Solutions – which includes:

  • Ongoing personalized counseling and individual instruction on the use of your hearing aids
  • Hearing aid adjustments and programming
  • A FREE annual hearing assessment
  • Complimentary batteries
  • Hearing aid cleaning and in-clinic servicing
  • Accessory kit that includes a convenient carrying case, cleaning tools, and a storage case

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