Oticon Sumo Hearing Aid

A hearing solution fit for all ages that sits comfortably behind the ear. This BTE hearing aid offers high performance in a sleek design.

Super performance

Oticon’s Sumo hearing aid is a powerful hearing solution for people living with a severe to profound hearing loss in the low frequencies.

The Sumo hearing aid – good for children and adults – provides more power where you need it most without quickly draining your device’s battery. The result is a more consistent audio output for a longer period of time.

Practical hearing aid solution

Oticon’s Sumo hearing instruments come with an easy-to-use manual volume control. The telecoil switch allows for better sound while you’re on the phone.

Download the Oticon Sumo hearing aid product guide

Built to last, Sumo’s tough shell makes this hearing aid great for active kids and active big kids alike. Feel secure that the investment you made in your child’s or your own hearing health will have staying power.

Better sound

The Sumo hearing aid is equipped to perform advanced digital processing. This means that you’ll experience more natural sound quality without the inconvenience of distorted or uncomfortable noises.

No more big clunky hearing aids

Oticon’s Sumo is a Super Power hearing instrument and in the past, these have been perceived as being very big and not so attractive. But the today’s hearing aids, including the Sumo have, and continue to revolutionise hearing loss treatment by offering a lot of advanced technology in one small device.

Sumo gives you high performance while taking up less space. Its Behind-the-Ear (BTE) design provides those with hearing loss a smaller, narrower and lighter hearing aid.

For those who want discreet power you can have a more neutral colour, but if you want to #showyouraids, as they say, you can express your own personal style with a pop of fun, fashion-forward hues.

Contact Hearing Solutions

If you’d like to know more about the Oticon Sumo hearing aid, contact a Hearing Solutions’ hearing care professional near you. We’d be happy to let you know if the Sumo is right for you.

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