How Much Are Hearing Aids?

When considering hearing aids, price considerations often arise. The cost of a pair of hearing aids starts from $2,500 – $6,200. This pricing range is influenced by many factors, including your specific level of hearing loss, lifestyle requirements, level of hearing aid technology, and additional features like Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable capabilities.

For individuals struggling with hearing loss, the investment in hearing aids carries profound potential. It can bring about transformative changes, enhancing relationships and reintroducing you to the cherished sounds that define your world.

Exploring Your Options

As the largest independent hearing aid provider in Ontario, our distinction lies in not being tied to any hearing aid manufacturer. This unique positioning enables us to consistently recommend the best hearing aids tailored precisely to your needs.

Hearing Aid Brands

Our commitment to providing you with the latest advancements in hearing technology means that you’ll have access to cutting-edge hearing aids from the most respected brands including Phonak, Signia, Widex, Oticon, Unitron, Starkey, Bernafon, ReSound, and more. 

Whether you’re seeking discreet and sleek designs, exceptional natural sound clarity, or innovative connectivity features, our collection covers a wide spectrum of diverse options to cater to your unique requirements.

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Hearing Aid Price Comparison

Purchasing hearing aids is a very important investment in your life, and something you will be wearing every day, which is why it is critical that you understand all the options and financial support programs that are currently available to you.





$2500 – $3800*

$3100 – $3850*

$4200 – $5500*

$5550 – $6195*

    *For a pair of hearing aids (2)

Which Level of Technology is Right for You?

Hearing Aid Financing Support

We offer a variety of financing options to help support this important investment in your life. During your scheduled hearing test and consultation with a Hearing Solutions professional, we can review our 0% financing program options, and special promotions that are available, to help find the right hearing aid just for you!

Government Support Programs

There are also some additional government programs that may be available to you to help support your investment, including:

  • Ontario Ministry of Health’s Assistive Devices Program (ADP)
  • Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC)
  • Workers Safety Insurance Board (WSIB)
  • Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) program
  • Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)
  • Ontario Works
  • Private Insurance Company Payments

Insurance Plans

We accept a large range of insurance plans. If you have a private or federally funded insurance plan which provides coverage for some healthcare costs, ask us how this insurance plan might provide coverage for your hearing devices.

Experience Live Technology Demonstrations

We believe in giving you firsthand experience with the recommended hearing aids that can improve your hearing. That’s why we offer live technology demonstrations during your consultation. You’ll be able to see and feel how different hearing aids perform, helping you make an informed decision about the best fit for your lifestyle.

90-Day Trial Period and Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind the effectiveness of our hearing aid recommendations and their impact on your quality of life. That’s why we offer a 90-day trial period during which you can confidently and comfortably experience the transformative effects of improved hearing in your own environment. Our satisfaction guarantee ensures that you can make this important decision with complete peace of mind, knowing that we’re dedicated to your success and satisfaction.

After Care Support

Your journey doesn’t end with the purchase of hearing aids. Our HearForever Package ensures ongoing care and support. With professional clinical services including adjustments, cleaning, in-clinic servicing, annual appointments, and more, we’re fully committed to helping you fully embrace the benefits of improved hearing.

Start Your Hearing Journey Today

Take the first step toward a life enriched by better hearing. Contact us today to book your hearing test, and let Hearing Solutions be your trusted partner to help you hear what matters in life.

*Price range provided includes government funding.

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