Exploring Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) are tools designed to enhance your auditory experience by amplifying sounds. These devices can serve as alternatives to hearing aids or complement them, depending on your specific needs. ALDs cater to a variety of listening situations, either offering broad utility or focusing on distinct auditory challenges including minimizing background noise, compensating for distance between sound sources, and mitigating poor acoustics.

Our Range of ALDs

Our wide assortment of ALDs are designed to accommodate your unique requirements, lifestyle, and budget. Many of our patients, including those who already use hearing aids, have discovered that these transformative tools significantly improve their ability to navigate various everyday situations. 

These devices aren’t just about better hearing – they’re about embracing a more connected and enriched life. Join us as we delve into the world of ALDs and embark on a journey toward clearer communication and greater engagement.

Alarm Clocks

Elevate your mornings with our selection of hearing-friendly alarm clocks. Designed to cater to those with hearing challenges, these clocks combine loud alarms, vibrating alerts, and visual cues to ensure you wake up on time and without hassle. Experience a more accessible start to your day with our thoughtful range of alarm clocks. READ MORE

Alerting Devices

Experience a heightened sense of awareness with our alerting devices designed for those with hearing loss. Through visual cues, vibrating alerts, and wireless connectivity, you'll never miss an important message, call, or alarm again. Stay connected and secure with our range of thoughtfully curated alerting solutions. READ MORE


Experience the world in vibrant detail with our amplifiers designed for those with hearing loss. Whether it's conversations, music, or everyday sounds, our amplifiers elevate clarity and volume, ensuring you never miss a moment. Discover personalized comfort and seamless integration into your daily life with our range of amplification solutions. READ MORE

Amplified Phones

Stay engaged and connected with our range of amplified corded and cordless phones, designed for those with hearing loss. Experience conversations with unparalleled clarity and ease, thanks to advanced sound technology and customizable settings. Rediscover the joy of communication with our thoughtfully designed amplified phones. READ MORE

TV Listening Devices

Experience TV like never before with our range of listening devices designed for those with hearing loss. Rediscover the joy of clear dialogue and immersive sound, all customized to your preferences. Say goodbye to missing out on your favourite shows – our TV listening devices bring entertainment to life with crystal-clear audio. READ MORE

Tinnitus Maskers

Experience relief from the persistent sounds of tinnitus with our specialized masking devices. These devices create soothing soundscapes that help minimize the impact of tinnitus, providing you with a sense of calm and tranquility. Find comfort in customized sounds and take a step towards a more peaceful state of mind with our tinnitus masking devices. READ MORE

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