Dufferin Mall – Toronto

Dufferin Mall – Toronto

900 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6H 4A9, Canada
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How to find the Hearing Solutions clinic after you arrive in Dufferin Mall

The most convenient entrance to our clinic, situated on Dufferin Street, is Entrance 1 beside Marshalls. There are additional accessible entrances to P1 and P2, offering complimentary underground parking just before reaching the mall entrance. Both P1 and P2 parking areas are equipped with elevators that lead upstairs. Upon disembarking the elevator, turn right, and our location is approximately 20 meters away. You’ll find us at the corner adjacent to No Frills, across from the Dollar Store, and conveniently nestled beside Tim Horton’s.

What services do Hearing Solutions offer?

Hearing Solutions offers a complete hearing health experience in their Dufferin Street clinic, where you can get your hearing tested, receive same-day results and order your hearing aids in one visit.

Our hearing health services include…

  • Your Hearing Health Matters – Comprehensive Assessments
  • In-Clinic and At-Home Hearing Healthcare Services for Your Convenience
  • Leading-Edge Diagnostic Services, Including Video Otoscopy and Speed in Noise Testing as Our Standard
  • Schedule a Consultation Without Obligation for Personalized Recommendations
  • Ongoing Support and Guidance for You and Your Loved Ones
  • Discover a Diverse Range of Hearing Aids from Leading Manufacturers
  • Trust Our Experts for Hearing Aid Repairs and Maintenance
  • Quality Hearing Aid Batteries and Accessories Readily Available
  • Gentle and Effective Ear Wax Removal for Enhanced Comfort
  • Custom Earplugs Tailored to Your Unique Lifestyle
  • Effective Tinnitus Solutions for Improved Well-Being
  • Explore Assisted Listening Devices for an Enriched Hearing Experience
  • Flexible 0% Financing Options Available On Approved Credit
  • Our 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee Puts You First
  • We Accept Payments from ADP, WSIB, VAC, ODSP, NIHB, and Most Private Insurance Companies

Hearing Solutions’ Audiology staff at Dufferin Mall is here to help from the moment you put on your new hearing aids with counselling on how to use and maintain your devices, at no extra charge and whenever you need it.

Schedule your complimentary, no obligation hearing test

Book your appointment with our hearing health practitioner and get one step closer to better hearing.

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What to Expect


Listening Lifestyle Consultation

During this time, your trusted hearing healthcare provider will discuss your medical history, hearing concerns, and lifestyle, to help ensure we understand your situation and so that anythe professional recommendations made following the assessment meet your individual needs and preferences.


Physical Ear Examination

Your hearing healthcare provider will perform an examination of your ears to ensure that there are no signs of wax buildup, and look to see if there are any medical concerns that may be directly related to your hearing loss. We can even show you a picture of your eardrum!


Hearing Assessment

Your hearing healthcare provider will conduct a comprehensive, in-depth and professional hearing assessment, which will include a series of different tests, including speech and word comprehension in both quiet and noise as well as your ability to hear different tones and pitches. We encourage you to also bring someone whose voice you are familiar with, as this will further assist with helping to measure your everyday communication.


Review Your Results

Your results are available immediately following your assessment, and will be reviewed with you in detail so you can understand your hearing ability and how it relates to what you're experiencing in the real world level of hearing loss.


Professional Recommendation

Your hearing healthcare provider will present you with a professional recommendation. Where hearing aids are recommended it will take into consideration your hearing aid shape and size, colour preferences, desired listening lifestyle, and budget.


Experience a Live Demonstration

Your hearing healthcare provider will offer to conduct a live hearing aid demonstration so you can experience the benefits of a hearing device, and rediscover the world of sound.


Satisfaction Guarantee

With our 0% financing program, 90 day trial period and satisfaction guarantee, you can now improve the quality of your life with hearing aids, confidently and comfortably. At Hearing Solutions, we also believe that after care support is just as important as our individualized care during your assessment and hearing aid fitting. To help ensure that you are happy throughout your entire hearing healthcare journey, we offer the Hear Forever Package, which is unique to Hearing Solutions, making sure you are looked after for the entire life of your hearing aids!.

Want To Learn More?

Call us to speak with a hearing healthcare professional who would be pleased to answer any questions you may have, and help to schedule your appointment.

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