4 Things you can do to Successfully Adapt to Hearing Aids and What to Expect

April 29th, 2015 | by Andreas Seelisch | Hearing Aids
4 Things you can do to Successfully Adapt to Hearing Aids and What to Expect

Successful hearing aid use is achieved through a partnership between you and your clinician.  There is an adaptation process which for some is as rapid as 2 weeks and with others can take up to several months.

What can you do to successfully adapt to hearing aids?

1. Wear the hearing aids as prescribed by your clinician

2. Call your hearing health clinic if you have any concerns.  Many issues that arise can be addressed over the phone.

3. Keep a positive attitude knowing you are on your way to improving your ability to communicate.

4. Be persistent by wearing your hearing aids even if they sound a bit strange in the beginning.  You will adapt if you persist.

8 things you should expect after being fit with your new hearing aids?

1. Greater ease, satisfaction, and confidence in conversation, especially in quiet settings.

2. Reduced stress and fatigue from straining to listen.

3. You may begin hearing soft sounds that you couldn’t hear before, such as footsteps, fans, creaking floors, and so on.  This is normal and to be expected.

4. To help your hearing aids function at their best, adopt some of these strategies: face the person you’re speaking to; do your best to find a quiet place; pay attention to facial expressions and gestures; ask your friend to sit in the light so you’ll be better able to see their mouth.

5. Your hearing aids will not restore your hearing capabilities to the way they were before you developed hearing loss. Hearing aids make it easier for one to communicate with one’s friends and family, but they are corrective devices and cannot completely cure hearing loss. What they can do, however, is help maximize one’s hearing ability and greatly improve one’s quality of life.

6. Hearing aids do not eliminate all background noise. Background noise is a nuisance for everyone, even normal hearing individuals.

7. Expect an optimal “distance for hearing.”  Hearing aids work best when what you are trying to hear is within a range of 15 feet or closer and within the same room.

8. Expect Repairs. You should realize that hearing aids are incredibly sophisticated devices being inserted in the ear canal where moisture and cerumen (ear wax) is waiting to attack any foreign object!  The majority of repairs can be avoided with regular and careful maintenance!  At Hearing Solutions the routine maintenance and cleaning of your hearing aids is included in our pricing.

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