Ask an Audiologist – Getting a Hearing Aid for One Ear

July 29th, 2016 | by Andreas Seelisch | Audiologist
Ask an Audiologist – Getting a Hearing Aid for One Ear

Ask an Audiologist

I had a hearing test a few years ago and I was told I lost a little bit of hearing in one ear, but it was nothing to worry about yet. Now I have been noticing that my hearing in that one ear has been bugging me again. For example, when I have my headphones on the one ear bud sounds louder than the other one. So, is it possible that my hearing is starting to go more in that one ear and what are the chances of having to get a hearing aid for that one ear?

Audiologist Response

My advice would be to recheck your hearing for a few reasons:

First, if the difference between the two ears is significant or growing, it’s often a reason to see an Otolaryngologist to determine why it is that way and if anything needs to be done medically. Part of our job is assessing your system, and where appropriate, recommending those referrals. I think it’s important to start there if you think there is a difference.

Second, by the time you have a sense that your hearing has changed, you’re probably right! That’s another great reason to reassess the situation. If it’s changed you may be in a different position from your last test.

Finally, the process of rechecking your hearing bears no cost at any of our clinics and will equip you with all the information you will need to decide if and what your next steps are. If a hearing aid is recommended you will be given a quote based on your results, needs, and budget. You will enjoy a 90-day trial period during which you can ensure your lifestyle needs are being met and you’re happy with your decision.

I hope that answers all of your questions. If not, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Andreas Seelisch, MSc, BHSc (Hons), Reg. CASLPO

Andreas Seelisch is a registered Audiologist with the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario. Andreas is currently working as the Audiology Manager at Hearing Solutions.

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