Ask an Audiologist: Risks of Otitis

September 20th, 2018 | by Mike Prangley | Audiologist
Ask an Audiologist: Risks of Otitis

Ask an Audiologist

Hi, I was diagnosed with serious otitis from a walk-in clinic with a prescription of Advil and nasal spray for a week. Is there any further risk of injury if I travel by air?

Audiologist Response

Hi , this condition is quite common and often happens as a results of a cold/sinus infection or any type of upper respiratory issue. In regards to your question about flying, I am unable to answer that. This is a question for the doctor you would have got your diagnosis from. I do not know the severity of your symptoms and cannot speak to how this will affect you when you fly. When there is fluid, it could affect your ears/Eustachian tube when you ascend and descend in the airplane, but I am unable to say how this will affect you as each person is entirely different. Chewing gum and/or drinking water while there are changes in altitude can help.  I’m sorry I wasn’t able to provide you with a definitive answer. Hopefully the Advil will help alleviate some of the symptoms and having an Audiological assessment when you return is certainly suggested. There are a couple of tests that can be run to determine whether the mechanical part of your ear is working appropriately and if that fluid is still present and whether there have been any changes to your hearing.

If you are in the province of Ontario, please contact a Hearing Solutions clinic near by and we can schedule you for a free initial assessment.

Mike Prangley is an Audiologist registered with CASLPO working for Hearing Solutions. Currently, Mike sees patients at the Masonville Place Hearing Solutions clinic in London, Ontario.

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