Assistive Listening Devices

Hearing Solutions offers a wide variety of Assistive Listening Devices to help you live and communicate more effectively.

What are Assistive Listening Devices?

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) amplify sounds to help you hear better. Some ALDs can be used instead of a hearing aid, while others are designed to be used along with your hearing aids. ALDs can either be used for multiple listening situations or designed for one specific listening purpose. They address listening challenges in three ways:  minimizing background noise; reducing the effect of distance between the sound source and the person; and overriding poor acoustics such as echo.

Amplified telephones, TV and audio listening systems, and personal amplification systems are all examples of ALDs that amplify sound and reduce background noises for people who are hard of hearing.

We carry a variety of Assistive Devices

At Hearing Solutions you can be sure that our wide selection of assistive listening devices meets your needs, lifestyle and budget. Many of our patients, including those who wear hearing aids, have found that these devices can make a meaningful difference in the ability to cope with a range of everyday situations.

For more information about Assistive Listening Devices, book an appointment with one of our clinics!

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