CJN Healthy Living Feature Showcases Hearing Solutions Audiologist’s Article

May 22nd, 2015 | by Tracy Saunders | Hearing Solutions
CJN Healthy Living Feature Showcases Hearing Solutions Audiologist’s Article

Hearing Solutions Audiology Manager, Tracy Saunders’ article, “I’ve Got Hearing Aids! Now What,” is featured in the Canadian Jewish News Healthy Living Feature and has also been posted to our blog. The feature was published just in time for Better Hearing and Speech Month, also known as Better Hearing Month, which is recognized in Canada and the United States in May.

This year Hearing Solutions hopes that people become more aware of hearing loss, by understanding that if we Hear Better we Live Better. Hearing loss can affect many aspects of our lives from work to home to interactions with just about everybody.

Tracy’s article takes a look at the scenario of what happens after you recognize you may have a hearing loss, getting your hearing tested, being diagnosed with a hearing impairment, and finally getting your hearing aids. But, now what?

Tracy takes you through what is expected in regards to follow-up, hearing aid maintenance, and annual hearing evaluations to monitor any possible changes in hearing health.

Please CLICK HERE to read the Tracy Saunders article, “I’ve Got Hearing Aids! Now What?”

Tracy Saunders is an Audiologist registered with CASLPO and Hearing Solutions’ Audiology Manager. If you would like to book an appointment with one of our registered Audiologists or Hearing Instrument Specialists, please CLICK HERE.

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