Everyday Tips to Take Care of Your Hearing

January 27th, 2016 | by Andreas Seelisch | Hearing Protection
Everyday Tips to Take Care of Your Hearing

The ability to hear things is most often a sense we take for granted from the time of birth. We’re born with it, and until it’s taken away from us, most of us don’t spend too much time thinking about it. But taking care of your hearing is something that can see us into old age with our ears intact. Did you know these four tips that can help you take care of your hearing?

1. Earwax

It’s disgusting, you say. Better to be rid of it than to gunk up our ears with it. Well, as gross as it seems, it does a fantastic job for the ears. The more often you clean your ears, the more prone you might be to infections and ear damage. Earwax protects the ear, and if you keep cleaning it out, it can’t do its job!

2. Don’t Go Poking Around In There!

Ever hear of that saying about not putting anything smaller than your elbow in your ear? Well, it’s true. Although many people these days use Q-tips to clean out their ears, they were never meant to do that. You should never put anything down your ear canal. You could push too far, and you could push the wax so far down it can become stuck and affect your hearing. If you want to clean out your ears, use a washcloth.

3. Always Use Earplugs

For those who perform noisy jobs, you’ll want to always have a pair of earplugs nearby. Prolonged loud noises can cause preventable ear damage. If you really like your hearing, you can get a professional set of reusable earplugs that will mold to the shape of your ear.

4. Convertibles

Some recent studies have shown that hearing loss might be attributed to those who ride in convertibles. Those who ride motorcycles definitely need to protect their hearing, but their four-wheeled driving counterparts also need to do the same. Again, loud prolonged noises can do significant damage to your hearing, and that includes the sound of the highway and the wind rushing past your face.

5. Always Be Aware

Just be aware of the noises that are around you. Some sudden noises can be prevented, but others, like traffic and construction can be managed with earplugs or by moving further away.

If you enjoy the sense of hearing, you won’t know how much you really enjoyed it until it’s gone. To prevent that from happening, take these four tips and put them into action.

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