Hearing With A Heart

Juana Montes P, shown above painting a piece inspired by hearing loss, received a wheelchair from Purinapaq’s mission in Peru and her father received hearing aids. Photo: Jose Orozco

At Hearing Solutions we believe in hearing with a heart. So when patients have old hearing aids they no longer need for whatever reason, we’re happy to take them. Through our partnership with an organization called Purinapaq, those generous donations provide the gift of hearing for those who can’t afford to buy them.

Donations can be made anytime at any one of our clinics across the Greater Toronto Area.

A little history behind our partnership with Purinapaq

For four years Jose Orozco used a wheelchair to get around following an accident where he seriously injured his back. Not giving up hope and listening to the optimistic words of his doctor, miraculously Jose learned to walk again.

Once Jose was walking again, a friend brought him a wheelchair. Jose was puzzled, saying he didn’t need a wheelchair anymore. His friend told him, “don’t worry, you will.”

That wheelchair began a journey that has seen Jose become the Founder and Executive Director of Purinapaq, an organization that provides wheelchairs to people in his native Peru who do not have the financial resources to afford one.

One day, while in Peru on an aid mission for Purinapaq, he was asked if he could get a pair of hearing aids for a little boy who had multiple disabilities, for whom a wheelchair only served part of his need. The child reminded Jose of his eight year old son back in Toronto, so he said he would. Jose didn’t know where he would get the hearing aids from, but once he landed back in Toronto his young son assured him they would succeed in finding them.

Jose and his son started making phone calls to businesses and organizations to see who might be able to donate hearing aids. One of those fateful calls was to a Hearing Solutions clinic. From that point on we are proud to say that Hearing Solutions has been providing generously donated hearing aids to Purinapaq. The devices are then taken to Peru, where audiologists clean and refurbish the hearing aids. Even if the hearing aid doesn’t work it may have valuable parts that can be used in another device.

At Hearing Solutions, hearing with a heart is about more than just providing great service. It’s also about caring for our community across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

Click here to find a location near you if you have hearing aids you would like to recycle and would like to make a donation at a Hearing Solutions clinic.

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