How are Hearing Aids and Computers Similar?

February 26th, 2014 | by Andreas Seelisch | Hearing Aids
How are Hearing Aids and Computers Similar?

By Rachel Stewart, Reg. AHIP (HID)

Welcome to the decade of rapidly changing technology! No matter where you look; products, services and needs are continually evolving. For most of us it can be a challenge to absorb and make sense of it all.

Even hearing aids have evolved, becoming much more interactive, powerful, automatic, discreet and customized than ever before. Simply put, hearing aids are mini super-computers. I should add the cost is relative as well. Cost dictates features and functionality. When considering the purchase of hearing aids, a good exercise is to imagine you are investing in advanced technology.

Imagine going to your favourite electronics store to buy a computer. While you are browsing, you notice that there are three computers lined up that are basically identical in appearance; however they vary in price.  You wonder why the price difference? Well, the computer expert will tell you that the more expensive computer has a higher capacity to do multiple tasks. It is faster, more advanced and offers more features; like running multiple applications at one time. The less expensive computer is slower and has fewer capabilities than the other two.

Comparatively, computers and hearing aids are priced with similar criteria. Much like the three different levels of computers, when you consider a particular style of hearing aid, they all look the same on the outside, but inside the hearing aid computer chip, or processor, is the key difference with each level of technology. The premium hearing aid has the capacity to do multiple tasks simultaneously, while creating a more natural, clear and comfortable listening experience.

When recommending the right  hearing aid for you, a hearing healthcare professional considers the best mini-computer to process sounds, reduce noise and enhance speech clarity to help the patient in all environments they wish to hear better.

Rachel Stewart is a Hearing Instrument Dispenser registered with AHIP and she sees patients at our Hearing Solutions in the Bramalea City Centre.

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