How Golf and Hearing Loss Are Connected

July 25th, 2022 | by Hearing Solutions | Hearing Loss
How Golf & Hearing Loss Are Connected | Hearing Solutions

If you suffer from hearing loss you might find it has a negative impact on many aspects of your life. In fact, if you are an avid golfer hearing loss can take away from a game you’ve always loved. Although you might not see what one has to do with the other, you’d be surprised how golf and hearing loss are connected. 

Here we look at golf and hearing loss and why it is so important to address your hearing loss to improve your game.

Social Aspects of Golf

Although you might take to your favourite driving range solo, for most people golf is extremely social. Part of the joy of golfing is getting outdoors and spending quality time socializing with friends, family or business associates. If you aren’t able to hear clearly, you miss out on conversation and even warnings when a rogue ball or club is headed your way. 

If you depend on golf as part of your professional networking, you could also find poor hearing interferes with your ability to strategize and engage in important conversations. All of these social interactions improve your golfing experience which is why golf and hearing loss impact each other so much.

Connecting With the Ball

As a seasoned golfer, you know if you’ve hit a good shot by the sound you hear when the golf ball connects with the club. This is one of the most enjoyable and satisfying parts of the game, feeling that connection as your mind and body work together for that perfect swing. However, the sound that the ball makes when it connects with your club also tells you you’ve succeeded and can let your fellow golfers step up to the tee. 

The Challenges of Golfing with Hearing Loss

When you golf with hearing loss you face many challenges that interfere not just with your enjoyment but also with your skills and safety. Some of the common challenges golfers with hearing loss face include:

  • Not hearing warning calls from other players
  • Not enjoying the sound of your club connecting with the ball to measure your effectiveness
  • Not being able to participate in conversation
  • Appearing cranky or unfriendly when you miss comments, fail to answer questions, or simply don’t participate in player repartee
  • Being misinterpreted as offended or sensitive when you don’t laugh at jokes
  • Appearing to be a bad sport when your game is off, and you aren’t responsive to a little teasing because you can’t hear what people are saying
  • Walking the green when other players are hitting the ball because you can’t hear them approach
  • Coming off as rude by fellow club members or fellow players because you don’t seem to follow the rules of common golf etiquette

When you consider this list, you can see how your golfing experience suffers when your hearing loss goes untreated.

Common Reasons Golfers Don’t Wear a Hearing Aid

If you have a hearing aid but choose not to wear it when playing a round of golf, you are not alone. Many golfers prefer to play without hearing aid because they find it too distracting. Some are concerned they will lose or damage their hearing aid on the course. 

However, common complaints for many golfers include wind noise or increased background noise that keeps them from enjoying their game. Because of this, they find their hearing aids don’t provide the assistance they need and in fact make it more difficult to understand fellow players. 

All of these issues make it harder to concentrate on your game, which makes playing more frustrating and less enjoyable. However, there are hearing aids designed to reduce issues caused by wind and background noise that are ideal for golfers. You should have your hearing aid assessed to see what options are available.

Keeping Your Hearing Aid Safe When Golfing

For those who are not wearing a hearing aid on the golf course, these tips can help keep your hearing aid safe and more effective while you enjoy golfing:

  • Carry a travel case for your hearing aids and keep it in your golf bag. This way if you decide to take them out, you won’t lose them
  • Keep a bucket hat in your golf bag to protect your hearing aid if it rains
  • Choose a hearing aid that fits deep inside the ear to protect them from the rain and loss
  • Consider waterproof/sweatproof hearing aids if you find you sweat while playing or are concerned about rainy conditions
  • Be sure to either carry batteries in your case or recharge your battery prior to a game

These tips will help keep your hearing aid safe, while also ensuring you enjoy your game to the fullest.

Choosing the Best Hearing Aid for Golfers

Whether you have just confirmed hearing loss and are shopping for your first hearing aid, or have decided to upgrade your existing hearing aid, as a golfer there are a few things you can add to your features list:

  • Wind noise managers are a must to keep down the sound of wind out in the open golf course
  • Background noise managers also assist with other sounds around you that can become distracting during your swing
  • Waterproof/sweatproof hearing aids are ideal for those who tend to sweat a lot
  • Rechargeable hearing aids are excellent if you travel

These features will greatly improve your golf game when playing with a hearing aid.

Arrange a Free Hearing Consultation

If you do experience challenges when playing golf due to hearing loss, a free hearing consultation is your first step to improving your golf game. A hearing test will diagnose your hearing loss level, allowing your audiologist to recommend the best hearing aid for your needs. They will have you test a selection of hearing aids, but also keep your active lifestyle in mind when making their recommendations.

For more information about golf-friendly hearing aids, or to book your free hearing test and consultation, click here.



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