In-Home Hearing Test

In-Home Hearing Test

Hearing healthcare in the comfort of your own home We understand that it is not always possible for our patients,...

Hearing healthcare in the comfort of your own home

We understand that it is not always possible for our patients, and their loved ones, to visit a clinic which is why we are pleased to offer in-home hearing tests in the Greater Toronto Area.

Often we see patients that are busy, working professionals, where it is more convenient that we come to see them at home, or even in the workplace, where we are more than happy to work with your schedule. For other patients, there may be some mobility or transportation challenges, where booking an in-home hearing appointment is more convenient for everyone involved.

For just a small fee, a professionally trained Audiologist will come to see you in the comfort of your very own home, and perform a comprehensive hearing test and no-obligation consultation.

Want to learn more?

Check out our recent TV segment below, and listen to Michelle, Audiologist and Clinical Manager, talk more about what you can expect during your in-home hearing test, and also have an opportunity to meet the wonderful professional who will be performing your hearing healthcare services during your scheduled appointment.

What to Expect During your In-Home Hearing Test

  • After booking and confirming your appointment, Michelle, a professionally trained Audiologist and Clinical Manager, will visit your home at the scheduled time and date.
  • We encourage you to have someone whose voice you are familiar with present during your hearing test, as this will further assist with helping to measure your everyday communication.
  • The Audiologist will discuss your medical history, hearing concerns and lifestyle to best understand your personal situation.
  • Next, she will perform an examination of your ears to ensure that there are no signs of wax buildup and look to see if there are any medical concerns that may be directly related to your hearing loss. Once she has confirmed that your ear canal is in good condition, we can proceed with the hearing test.
  • A full, comprehensive audiometric hearing assessment will be performed, which will include a series of different tests including speech and word comprehension, while also measuring your response to various tones and pitches. 
  • Your results are available immediately following your assessment and will be reviewed with you in detail. 
  • If hearing loss is detected, Michelle will present you with a personalized recommendation, and help to find the hearing aid that is just right for you. Various options including the hearing aid shape and size, colour preferences, desired listening lifestyle, and budget will be discussed during this time. You will also have an opportunity to learn more about the latest in hearing aid technology including rechargeable and Bluetooth aids.
  • If an order for new hearing aids is placed, we will also review our current promotions, 0% financing, 90 day satisfaction guarantee, and any other funding support that may be available to you.
  • Once your hearing aids arrive, Michelle will schedule a follow up appointment to return to your home and fit you with your personalized hearing aids.
  • During your fitting appointment, Michelle will also educate you on how to use and take care of your hearing aids.

In-Home Hearing Test Fees

The in-home hearing test fee is $290. This fee includes: 

  • $165 for the home visit
  • $125 for the hearing test

Should hearing loss be detected, and you proceed with the purchase of new hearing aids, the $125 hearing test fee will be waived.

Book your In-Home Hearing Test Today

Take the first steps towards better hearing, and reconnecting with your loved ones by booking an in-home hearing test today.

To reserve your preferred time, please call #1-888-716-2770, or complete the contact form below and a representative will call you back to coordinate the details.

*In-home hearing tests, workplace tests, children’s hearing tests, and audiogram record requests are available; however, they are subject to a service fee.

Your hearing health is important, and we appreciate you choosing and trusting Hearing Solutions to be with you every step of the way.

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