Suffering from Hearing Loss During the Holidays

December 24th, 2019 | by Andreas Seelisch | Hearing Loss
Suffering from Hearing Loss During the Holidays

The holidays are truly wonderful.  Not only do they give us a chance to let the year end with a fun-filled bang, they offer us the opportunity to reconnect with friends and family members we haven’t seen or heard from in ages.  The uplifting spirit of the season rings true for all of us.

Of course, folks with normal hearing seem to glide through the season as if they’re wearing ice skates, and those who suffer from hearing loss seem to plod through knee-deep snow.  So, how can someone with hearing loss prepare for the holidays as if he or she is getting ready to try on a new pair of ice skates?

Plan Ahead

If you’re going to a party, whether it’s a dance party or a dinner party, find a relative or friend whose voice you know well to be your “hearing-ear-buddy”. That way, if you miss something, you can ask your buddy about it.

Again, plan ahead. If you have rechargeable hearing aids, make sure they have a full charge before you leave the house. And, of course, if your hearing aids use replaceable batteries, make sure you pack extras. Nothing will shut the fun down as fast as dead batteries will.

Look at the Digital Features

Your hearing aids likely have features that can tame the chaotic din of any family gathering.  Some features will dull the clatter of dishes in the kitchen, some will focus on the sounds of speech, and some will focus only on sounds in front of you.

Think About the Accessories and Available Hearing Aid Enhancements

FM systems and more advanced accessories like Phonak’s Roger technology can put your ears in the center of the conversation, so you don’t miss a single word.  Roger technology, in particular, can utilize several microphones to give you a well-rounded listening environment.

Finally, Know When It’s Time to Take a Break

Just about every party, dinner or holiday gathering has one feature anyone who wears hearing aids will appreciate: the fresh air outside. If the noise gets to be too much, simply take a step outside for a breath of fresh air for a minute or two. When you go back inside, you’ll enjoy the warmth, and your friends and family, that much more.

With just a little preparation, taming the noise of the holiday season, so you can try out those ice skates, is easy. Then, you can focus on the heartwarming moments, the companionship and, most important of all, the fun!

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