Why You Should Wear Earplugs at a Concert

February 13th, 2014 | by Andreas Seelisch | Hearing Protection
Why You Should Wear Earplugs at a Concert

Everybody likes a good bit of music. But you, you love it. In fact, you love it so much there isn’t a speaker in existence that has a volume knob that can go high enough. As much as it may get you pumped, those speakers can be the reason you never hear music again. At least, it can damage your ears making it difficult to hear properly. For this reason alone, it’s important to wear earplugs during a rock concert, but let’s a bit of background information first.

How the Ear Functions

Your ear is a complex organ. Sound waves travel down your canal to the eardrum, and the eardrum vibrates. Those vibrations are sent further down the ear to the cochlea, on which tiny hair-like structures turn those vibrations into signals your brain can understand. If any part of this process is damaged, you might not hear your favorite band ever again.

Ear Damage

The number one cause of hearing damage is age. The number two cause of hearing damage is noise damage. This is usually caused by sudden, loud noises, but can also be prolonged exposure to noises that are too loud.

So, What’s Too Loud?

You’ll know you should be using ear plugs if you have to yell to be heard. In a rock concert, unless you’re way at the back, yelling doesn’t even come close to the overpowering sound of those amps, so it’s always best to use earplugs.

What Kind of Earplugs Should I Use?

Even the band on stage uses earplugs during the show. Most musicians know how important it is to use earplugs during a show that loud, and they aren’t even facing the brunt of the sound. The best earplugs will fit to the shape of your ear, preventing any damaging noise from getting in. Lower quality earplugs will muffle the sound of things, but high quality, professional earplugs will make the sound have a quality of just being turned down a bit.

Don’t Forget

Wearing earplugs doesn’t make you immune to the effects of hearing damage, it just prolongs the amount of time your ears can withstand the noise. Professional earplugs can extend the amount of time your ears can withstand a loud noise from four minutes to two hours, but it’s still not forever.

Take good care of your ears and you can be sure you’ll still be rocking out to the latest Metallica album when you’re sixty, provided they’re still around!

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