6 Things to Expect Within the First 30 Days of Wearing Your Hearing Aids

April 29th, 2015 | by Andreas Seelisch | Hearing Aids
6 Things to Expect Within the First 30 Days of Wearing Your Hearing Aids

After getting fit with your new hearing aids, you will hear sounds you probably haven’t heard in a long time. Within the first 30 days you may feel like the sound is weird or unnatural. However, there are six things you can expect to hear that are a part of adapting to your new hearing devices.

1. New Sounds

You will notice new sounds that you may have trouble identifying. In fact, these are not new sounds, but are the same sounds you used to hear and simply have forgotten. They may include: a refrigerator humming, birds chirping, clocks ticking or even the wind.

2. Metallic Sounds

Certain sounds will be metallic or tinny in nature (especially female voices). This is a good thing! It means that you are hearing high frequency sounds again and these sounds are important cues for speech understanding. In a few days or weeks your auditory system will successfully acclimate to these sounds.

3. Your Own Voice

Your own voice will sound much different; like you have an echo or are ‘talking in a barrel.’ This is normal when you start with new hearing aids and will get better with time and practice. Certain adjustments can be made to the hearing aids(s) if this continues to bother you.

4. Improved Speech Understanding

Your speech understanding should improve in most situations, especially in quiet listening environments and even in some noisy situations, if background noises are not too interfering. You may have to remind others to speak more softly; there’s no need to yell anymore!

5. Background Noise

It may be still difficult to hear in background noise. Hearing aids have special features to reduce background noise, but no hearing aid can eliminate it completely. The more you immerse yourself in noisy listening situations, the better and more quickly your brain will successfully adapt.

6. Something in your Ear!

You feel like you’ve got something in your ear. Well, that’s because you do! This feeling should not be painful or uncomfortable, and so long as you are consistent with daily use, your body will adapt quickly. It’s just like breaking in a new pair of shoes!

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