Cloverdale Sidewalk Sale a Chance for Hearing Solutions to Meet & Greet Patrons

July 17th, 2013 | by Andreas Seelisch | Hearing Solutions
Cloverdale Sidewalk Sale a Chance for Hearing Solutions to Meet & Greet Patrons

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Etobicoke, ON Today Hearing Solutions kicked off Cloverdale Mall’s sidewalk sale by spreading hearing healthcare awareness to interested passersby. Cloverdale Mall houses one of Hearing Solutions’ oldest and busiest clinics. So events like this give us a chance to answer any questions people may have.

Many people want to know what’s involved in a hearing test, is it free, if they need hearing aids how much will they cost and whether any costs are covered by the government? We get asked questions like these on a regular basis. But during an event like a sidewalk sale, people who might not have really thought about hearing healthcare can quickly get the answers they need for themselves or a loved one.

We’ve mentioned before that at Hearing Solutions we believe in Hearing with a Heart. Our hearing healthcare awareness initiatives are a part of a much bigger mission to provide caring and complete hearing healthcare to our patients. We don’t just sell hearing aids. We know that annual hearing tests are necessary to detect hearing loss early, but it can also provide peace of mind to someone wondering if their normal hearing isn’t so normal anymore. At Hearing Solutions peace of mind is painless and free with no obligation.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff understands that finding the hearing solution that best suits your lifestyle is the key to improving your hearing health.

We’ve seen many changes at Cloverdale Mall over the years and may see many more, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the extraordinary loyalty of our patients. So we hope to catch up with some of them too.

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