Hearing Health Awareness Event at Oakville Place

July 8th, 2013 | by Andreas Seelisch | Hearing Solutions
Hearing Health Awareness Event at Oakville Place

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Oakville, ON As part of our hearing health awareness initiative, Hearing Solutions has been stepping out of the clinic and into the community. This time we’ve set up shop at Oakville Place.

With hearing loss increasing and those with hearing impairment getting younger, it’s important to know where you stand. Hearing Solutions urges people to get a hearing test. A hearing test is free, painless and non-invasive. A complete hearing evaluation administered by a registered Audiologist or Hearing Instrument Specialist is the only way to know whether you have hearing loss.

At Hearing Solutions we understand the negative impact of hearing loss on your quality of life. No one wants to live in silence or isolated from the people they cherish most. Regular annual hearing tests can help detect any hearing loss early. Early detection means that you and your hearing health professional can come up with an aural rehabilitation plan that best suits your lifestyle.

Our Hearing Solutions kiosk will be at Oakville Place for the entire week of July 8-14 from open to close. You can get a quick screening using our self-testing interactive device to see if you would benefit from a comprehensive hearing test. However, you can visit our clinic in Oakville Place anytime from Monday to Sunday all year to ask questions or book a no-obligation appointment.

For more information contact:

Michael Ioannidis

Marketing Manager

Hearing Solutions

(416) 231-3003


About Hearing Solutions

For over 15 dedicated years, the Hearing Solutions mission is to enhance a patient’s quality of life by providing the most comprehensive hearing healthcare in a caring and professional environment. Hearing Solutions owns and operates 12 clinics in the GTA and offers complimentary hearing tests and the latest technology in hearing devices. Hearing Solutions has been voted “Best in Hearing” for over 10 years consecutively.

For more information, visit www.hearingsolutions.ca

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