Hearing Solutions Coming to a Neighbourhood Near You!

June 17th, 2013 | by Andreas Seelisch | Hearing Solutions
Hearing Solutions Coming to a Neighbourhood Near You!

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Pickering, ON Hearing Solutions has been proud to serve the community for well over 15 years and now we’re stepping out of the clinic and coming to a neighbourhood near you. Hearing Solutions is excited to be conducting hearing awareness events at Pickering Town Centre and the North York Seniors Centre.

Over the past year Hearing Solutions has been working on raising awareness about hearing loss, how it affects your quality of life, and strategies on prevention and aural rehabilitation. Hearing Solutions has been spreading the word about the importance of maintaining good hearing health.

According to StatsCan (2002), over 1 million Canadians reported having a hearing related disability. This number is more than 50% higher than for Canadians who reported problems with their eyesight. Yet it’s reported that on average people wait 10 years before seeking help for hearing loss.

Since Hearing Loss is the fastest growing chronic condition facing Canadians today, Hearing Solutions is encouraging people to know where they stand and get their hearing tested. Just like having an annual physical, an annual hearing test is important for diagnosing hearing loss as soon as possible. A hearing test is free, painless and non-invasive. Ignoring any possible hearing loss can negatively affect your quality of life, which can lead to social isolation, stress, depression, increased safety risks and reduced work productivity.

It’s estimated that the cost of hearing loss on the Canadian economy could be well over CAD$10 billion per year. But the emotional and social costs of hearing loss may be even more profound.

Hearing Solutions has been enjoying going out in the community, getting to know our neighbours and answering their questions about any of their hearing health concerns. The Hearing Solutions Team will be at Pickering Town Centre for the rest of the week. We are also thankful to the participants of the North York Seniors Centre workshop.

Hearing Solutions is sound advice you can trust.

For more information contact:

Michael Ioannidis

Marketing Manager

Hearing Solutions

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For over 15 dedicated years, the Hearing Solutions mission is to enhance a patient’s quality of life by providing the most comprehensive hearing healthcare in a caring and professional environment. Hearing Solutions owns and operates 12 clinics in the GTA and offers complimentary hearing tests and the latest technology in hearing devices. Hearing Solutions has been voted “Best in Hearing” for over 10 years consecutively.

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