Hearing Solutions Visits Home of the Jamaican Canadian Association

July 23rd, 2013 | by Andreas Seelisch | Hearing Solutions
Hearing Solutions Visits Home of the Jamaican Canadian Association

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Toronto, ON The Hearing Solutions Team was at the Jamaican Canadian Community Centre today visiting the Caribbean Canadian Seniors Club. The CCSC invited our team to conduct a workshop and share information on hearing health, the affects of hearing loss on our social lives and effective communication strategies for their group.

The members of the CCSC, which meets twice a week for a variety of activities, were an enthusiastic and welcoming group. Hearing Solutions was delighted to talk about the challenges of hearing loss and not being afraid to tell others you have a hearing problem. According to Hearing Solutions Audiologist Michelle Sabari, who was conducting the workshop, “effective communication can only take place if you let people know that you have a hearing loss.” Once others know you have a hearing loss you can ask them to help you understand what they are saying by:

  • Repeating what they said
  • Speaking slowly
  • Facing you while they are talking
  • Speaking to you in a quieter location

Hearing loss has been known to cause many people to isolate themselves from social situations because they are not able to hear the conversations happening around them. Not being able to hear means it becomes difficult or next to impossible to effectively participate in any conversation.

The seniors club at the Jamaican Canadian Community Centre was encouraged to be up front about hearing loss. Hearing Solutions Audiologist Michelle Sabari likened having a hearing loss and wearing hearing aids to having problems with your vision that require glasses. The difference is people tend to be less comfortable about hearing loss and wearing hearing aids. Statistics show that more people report problems with hearing than with their vision, so it’s important to remove the stigma surrounding hearing aids. Sabari says wearing glasses is similar to wearing hearing aids, as both help facilitate the improvement or effective use of our natural abilities.

Hearing Solutions would like to thank the members of the Caribbean Canadian Seniors Club for inviting us to their gathering, for their positive energy and great sense of humour.

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