How Better Hearing Can Improve Your Relationships

January 31st, 2023 | by Hearing Solutions | Hearing Loss
How Better Hearing Can Improve Your Relationships

While it’s no secret that effective listening is key for good communication, this can often be difficult for people suffering from hearing loss. Research shows that connecting with loved ones is vital for our mental well-being. An unfortunate reality is that hearing loss affects relationships in many ways. 

Social connection is essential, and those who experience hearing difficulties will find a significant obstacle in their path, as the ability to hear is fundamental to social interaction.  

When we’re unable to socialize and connect with the people important to us, we may become withdrawn and depressed. 

Yet while at least three million Canadians suffer from noticeable hearing deterioration, fewer than one in six individuals use any sort of hearing aid or assistive device. 

Access to hearing solutions allows you to enjoy the everyday sounds you’ve been missing and can greatly improve your relationship with your significant other. 

Every romantic relationship consists of two people who may have different methods of communication, different opinions and goals and different ideas about how the relationship should work. When one partner has difficulty hearing, that only acts as one more barrier to successful communication. 

This article aims to help you understand all the ways hearing loss affects relationships and how better hearing can help you connect with the people you love, including romantic partners, friends and family members.  

1. Better hearing helps keep you connected

Regardless of age, staying in touch with your loved ones is incredibly important. If you have poor hearing, this can cause difficulty communicating or connecting with your loved ones in different settings. 

This is especially true when attempting to speak with individuals who cannot clearly articulate themselves or modulate their voices, such as children. 

Maintaining your hearing health and obtaining proper hearing aids can help improve your everyday interactions. When you’re able to hear better, you’ll be able to better enjoy conversations with your friends, family and partner. 

2. Better hearing will help you get out of the house

Certain public spaces can sometimes worsen already existing hearing problems. This becomes especially true when there is excessive noise, large crowds, or environments prone to echoing.

Unfamiliar settings may also make hearing more difficult. If you find it harder to hear when you’re out in public or in places that are less familiar, you might become more reluctant to go out. 

That’s why taking a step towards treating your hearing is so important. When your hearing improves, you’ll find you have more confidence to venture outside your home. The opportunities this affords you are nearly endless. 

When you have better hearing, you’ll find it easier to go out and visit family members at their homes, meet up with your friends at a bar or take your significant other on a date at a restaurant. Instead of being stuck at home or visiting the same few, familiar places again and again, you’ll be able to get out and explore, visit new places and try new things.  

Not only will this help you feel more fulfilled, but it will also help your relationship to thrive. After all, variety is the spice of life. 

3. You’ll feel happier when you hear better 

Extensive studies have been done which show the serious psychological consequences of hearing loss. When you struggle to hear the world around you and communicate with the people you love, you may feel depressed, isolated, angry and have a negative self-image.

When you receive treatment for hearing loss and improve your hearing, you’ll have an easier time connecting not just with the people in your life but with the world in general, as well. When we have no issues hearing, we may take for granted all the things the ability to hear affords us. 

The sounds of laughter, your partner humming a song that’s stuck in their head, someone calling you from another room. When we lose these things, only then do we realize how much they mean to us. 

That’s why hearing aid owners report improved relationships, work performance, communication abilities and overall quality of life. Better hearing allows you to step out of isolation and embrace the noise and energy of the world around you. 

When better hearing helps you feel happier and more confident in your everyday life, your significant other will benefit too. It can be difficult, and in its own way isolating, to be with a partner who has withdrawn from you. When you work on yourself and your hearing, you’ll find it improves your mood in so many ways. And when your mood improves, so will your relationship. 

4. Better hearing will lessen instances of miscommunication

Anyone who has ever watched a sitcom knows that miscommunication can be a recipe for disaster (and in the real world, these disasters usually aren’t so humourous). This can be especially true for romantic relationships; one small misunderstanding can often spiral into more serious fights. 

Effectively communicating in any relationship can mean the difference between being understood and misunderstanding your partner. The goal should always be to have consistent, low-stress conversations; however, hearing loss often makes this more difficult.

While your spouse or partner may love you, coping with untreated hearing loss can lead to frustration and possible resentment on both sides. It’s often common for couples to stop connecting with one another and give up trying to communicate as a result of personal exhaustion. 

When you treat your hearing loss, you’re taking steps toward minimizing these instances of miscommunication as well the frustration. There will be less confusion between you and the person you love, which will only help strengthen your relationship. 

Start Reconnecting with Your Loved Ones

Hearing loss affects relationships, impacting your ability to connect with the people around you. 

You might not even realize how hearing loss has affected your relationship, especially with a romantic partner. Whether you’ve been married for a decade or have only been together for a year or two, deteriorating hearing is likely to put a significant strain on the relationship. 

Struggling with hearing loss may feel isolating, especially when it puts a barrier between you and your partner, but once you take the steps, you’ll be able to enjoy all the ways better hearing can improve your relationships. 

Getting fitted for the right kind of hearing aid and following the advice of hearing solution experts, will help improve your relationships. In fact, 81% of people who begin using hearing aids report feeling highly satisfied, and those rates rise to 91% regarding technology purchased in the last year. 

Our team of professionals are ready to spring into action, so start your journey by calling us today at 1-888-811-9799 or Book an appointment online to learn more so you can thrive this season.



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