INFOGRAPHIC: World Stats – Disabling Hearing Loss

July 31st, 2014 | by Andreas Seelisch | Awareness
INFOGRAPHIC: World Stats – Disabling Hearing Loss

This infographic takes a look at ‘disabling’ hearing loss across the globe with data compiled mainly from the United Nations’ World Health Organization (WHO). However, the data doesn’t show information regarding North America – Canada and the United States. The data on North America was found using other sources, and looks at any degree of hearing loss.

The prevalence of hearing loss is not among those over 65 years old, but is instead among those of us considered to be still in their prime, namely children and working adults. Out of the 360 million people categorized as having disabling hearing loss only 10% of them wear hearing aids. In addition, the majority of those with disabling hearing loss live in nations considered to be of low and middle income.

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