Phonak Slim Hearing Aids: Combination of Style and Performance

June 27th, 2023 | by Hearing Solutions | Hearing Loss
Phonak Slim Hearing Aids: Combination of Style and Performance

Gone are the days when you had to sacrifice style for substance, fashion for function, and sound and speech for self-esteem, thanks to the newest addition to the Phonak family; the Phonak Slim.

This innovative and modern device offers a sleek, ergonomic design with enhanced hearing performance and the latest technological advances in connectivity and battery life.

Key Design Features of the Phonak Slim Hearing Aid

The Phonak Slim introduces the benefit of a unique left and right design for a snug and slim fit that allows you to be comfortable while hearing the world around you with increased clarity.

Sport your Phonak Slim even when wearing reading or sunglasses, as the shape contours comfortably against the head without interfering with the arms or frames of most glasses.

The embedded smart technology, Phonak SmartSpeech, provides an increased ability to process sounds and reduces the effort needed to hear in even busy, public environments. Feel confident understanding speech, identifying sound cues, participating in live and telephone conversations, and look great doing it!

Power up your hearing with the mini but mighty Phonak Slim Charger, a compact charging case that protects your hearing devices while fully charging them in just three short hours.

This charge provides usage for a typical day without causing worry about losing function while on the go. Pop them back in the charger for storage and transportation when not in use.

Technology Features of the Phonak Slim Hearing Aid

Along with the innovative charging system, the Phonak Slim pairs with Roger On and offers the power of Roger microphones, a smart wireless technology designed to transmit speech to the hearing aids using RogerDirect, improving comprehension amidst distance and noise. Speakers can use the microphone to transmit their voice directly to the Phonak Slim, cutting out the ambient sounds and improving speech comprehension by up to 62%. 

Roger On replaces the computer mic and allows two-way voice streaming when connected to your personal computer.

Another special feature that Phonak offers is the myPhonak app, a smart app that allows users to personalize their settings and hearing experience to make the most of their hearing aids. 

With smart technology and easy access, the app is user-friendly and can adjust volume, connect to remote streaming and support and monitor hearing,  amongst other health and lifestyle options. These include step counting, activity tracking, goal setting, and tracking wear time. 

Along with clarity and comprehension from in-person conversations, the technology of Phonak Slim includes the option of connecting directly to Universal Bluetooth for hands-free calling and tap control usage.

With the rise of earbuds, hands-free Bluetooth devices, and various additional technology, you will blend right in when wearing the Phonak Slim. There is no need to feel self-conscious, instead self-confident with the modern, sleek, inconspicuous design that looks less like a hearing aid and more like the newest gadget your friends will be asking about. 

The average person is said to struggle with some form of hearing loss or impairment by the time they reach 60, so instead of becoming socially withdrawn and unable to enjoy gatherings, conversation, music, and television, embrace the advances in technology and don’t let age-related hearing loss steal your joie de vivre. 

Benefits of the Phonak Slim Hearing Aid

While Phonak Slim Lumity offers many great user advantages, there are some additional facts to consider when deciding if it is indeed the right fit for you. 

  • Modern design and sleek silhouette keeps you looking trendy and fashionable
  • Available in 4 chic color combinations
  • Ergonomic design that contours to the head, fitting comfortably in place
  • Customize moulds with venting optimization options to suit most types of hearing loss
  • Contains a durable lithium-ion battery that can be easily recharged, rather than replaced, in a three-hour span that stays charged for an entire day’s usage
  • Amazing Bluetooth technology that allows you to pair your device with any additional technology that supports the Bluetooth function– connect to smartTvs, telephones, and cars; the possibilities are endless
  • Excellent accompanying app that allows you to control programming, volume, data, streaming, and connect quickly with accessible device support
  • Reduces background noise and delivers crisp sound improving speech comprehension and reducing cognitive load
  • Available pairing with Roger On 


One of the main benefits of the Phonak Slim Hearing Aid is its sleek, streamlined design. While hearing aid design has come a long way in the last several years, replacing older, clunky models with more slim and discreet options, the Phonak Slim Hearing Aid takes innovative style and design to the next level. 

The lightweight device offers an ergonomic design that fits comfortably around the ear and won’t interfere with wearing most hats or glasses. This stylish device also features the latest in Bluetooth technology and a powerful battery designed to last from morning to night. 

Ask Us About the Phonak Slim Hearing Aid 

If you are ready to invest in your life, contact us at Hearing Solutions to discuss the Phonak Slim, or any of the other great options in our hearing aid catalogue. We are here to help turn up the volume on your life with sound advice that you can trust. 

Reach out to Hearing Solutions to discuss your options for a new hearing device. We also offer online hearing tests at no cost. You can contact a Hearing Solutions representative at 1-888-811-9799 or online to book an appointment.   


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