The Top Sounds of Spring with Hearing Solutions

March 29th, 2022 | by Hearing Solutions | Hearing Health| Hearing Loss
The Top Sounds of Spring with Hearing Solutions

Celebrating spring is about experiencing the world with all your senses. It’s seeing the bright green buds emerging on the trees, feeling the warm air, touching the rich garden dirt, smelling the fresh morning air, and hearing the wonders of the season. These senses work as a team to inform your life experience, and that means hearing sound in the best possible way. 

By booking a hearing test, you can explore springtime with enthusiasm. There are endless sounds that a hearing aid can facilitate, but we’ve narrowed down the top 10 sounds that truly embody the season. Let’s tune in! 

#1: Birds chirping to ring in the day

Few things are more iconic of spring than the fresh, energetic chirping of birds, starting with the rising sun and settling down at sunset. While higher-pitch frequencies like the call of a robin get harder to hear with age, a hearing aid can address this issue. While they may take some time to get used to, modern hearing aids are powerful enough to hear the smallest of sounds without causing irritation or ringing in the ears. So, pick up your binoculars and grab your portable hearing aid charger, then explore the avian soundscapes of the season.

#2: Patterns of rain falling on a peaceful afternoon

It’s long-standing lore that a healthy dose of spring rain can bring health to your garden. Each raindrop is as unique as a snowflake, and even more so when you consider the sound it makes when it impacts a surface.

Is it the metallic tone of a tin roof? Or, are you perhaps listening to the smooth pattern on a wooden deck?

The mystery is half the fun, infusing wonder into your springtime. So quiet is the rain that you may not know what sounds you’re missing. One quick hearing test and you can better appreciate the sound of soft raindrops. 

#3: Crowds cheering a sporting victory

Team spirit meets gregarious joy when you take in the energetic cheers of a crowd supporting its local athletes and teams. From baseball to soccer, communities gather to encourage sportsmanship and the art of the game. The whistles and claps, the rush of the overall clamour—it all contributes to the thrill of sports. 

Being able to hear clearly and follow the game is vital to getting the full experience. If you have trouble listening to sporting events on your TV, consider getting blue-tooth enabled hearing aids. They can automatically connect to your TV and process sounds at the right frequencies you need to hear clearly.  

#4: Children joyously playing outside

Family is a major source of enjoyment, and nothing is more so than hearing a loved one laugh with joy. Children have a laugh unencumbered by the world, authentic in the joy it relays. Hearing it distantly is simply not enough to fully appreciate that wonder. That crisp energy that cackles from a toddler’s throat grows better the clearer you hear it, and with a proper hearing aid, you can do just that.

#5: Gentle flutters of soft breezes

When people think of sounds, especially in the context of hearing aids, it’s usually waves crashing or a crescendo of an opera. A gentle breeze streaming by holds a hauntingly beautiful promise. It’s a whisper of wonder that you tune in to hear, bringing the spring season closer. A gentle wisp of air bringing change along with it lets you relate to the season in a truly personal way. 

#6: Cooling cascades of a running stream

As the ice and snow begin to melt, streams start to run once more. The crackling ice on Lake Superior heralds the babble of water flowing over rocks and through eddies. Flowing water combines with its surroundings to echo the smallest rocks and the densest trees alike. 

No two spring experiences are the same, just as a running stream never sounds the same twice. Those opportunities are fleeting—you don’t want to miss them, so it’s worthwhile to book your annual hearing test.

#7: Humming vibrations of buzzing bees

Bees hum to the tune of the flowers, working tirelessly to pollinate flowers while resounding an iconic tune. Bees buzzing coincide with bright flowers emerging and the season of sweet honey and peaceful gardening. Avoid popping your nose into a flower occupied by a nectar-seeking striped insect by hearing its delicate buzz, and leaving the bee to its work. 

#8: Rushing rotation of passing bicycles

Once the snow melts from the trails, bicycles return to ring in the spring season. Whether you bike yourself or enjoy the sound of activity, that iconic whooshing of air is special. It holds childhood memories of scraped knees and bandaids and represents the ways that life remains unchanged. Even a moment with that sound is a thing of wonder.

#9: The calm jingles of windchimes

Windchimes date all the way back to the year 3,000 BCE in China, where artisans crafted them from bones, ceramic, and shells. These springtime chimes remained popular for millennia, not for the designs, but rather for the inspirational, whimsical noises they provide. A delicate windchime jingling in the breeze works as a small daily reminder that your hearing aid helps you appreciate the world with all your senses. 

#10: Spring morning silence 

It’s strange to think of silence as a sound, but the peace that comes from spring has its own unique type of quiet. When the winter recedes and longer days bring the promise of summer, spring stands sentry. You can only appreciate silence fully when you can hear all the noise, and clear, precise hearing supports that.

Life is meant for living, and you deserve to experience the world in the fullest sense possible. You might picture spring as a rainy Ontario day, listening to the pitter-patter of the rainfall. Being able to hear and enjoy these soothing sounds helps you relax and can improve mental health and relaxation. Perhaps the season is about new beginnings and taking in the giggles of children on your street. The best sounds are the ones you get to hear, and there’s no better time to start than spring.

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