Ultimate Kiosk, Our Hearing Solutions Partner

April 2nd, 2014 | by Andreas Seelisch | Hearing Solutions
Ultimate Kiosk, Our Hearing Solutions Partner

If you’ve recently seen Hearing Solutions at an event around the Greater Toronto Area, you would’ve noticed our self-testing kiosk. In our quest to promote hearing health awareness, we wanted to make the experience of learning more about hearing loss and prevention more interactive for those who may want to stop and talk to us or even those who just want to grab some brochures and go.

Enter Ultimate Kiosk, which provides anyone curious about the status of their hearing with a preliminary assessment. If after they’ve completed the preliminary assessment there is evidence that a full hearing test may be needed, they can be referred for further testing with a registered Audiologist or Hearing Instrument Specialist at any one of our 14 locations.

We are happy to be able to use the Ultimate Kiosk for all of our events, whether it’s a health and wellness fair, conference, workshop or mall event. This technology is compatible with our commitment to spreading hearing health awareness and allowing patients to put their health in their own hands. At Hearing Solutions we want our patients to be our partners in finding the right solutions to their hearing loss.

The Ultimate Kiosk uses a touch screen and headphones to provide sound cues to users. Users touch the screen when they hear a sound. The user’s success rate is measured and a preliminary screening result is populated on the screen and can be emailed to the user. It’s that simple.

Ultimate Kiosk Inc. is a Canadian owned company that “combine[s] proprietary software married to state-of-the-art computer and web technology to offer unique, differentiated devices for educating consumers about their hearing.”

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