September 19th, 2017

White noise is often used as a sleep aid for children.

One concerned parent uses one and isn't sure if her husband is turning it up too loud for their baby.

Ask an Audiologist

I’m concerned about how my husband's use of a loud white noise app to treat our crying baby... Read More

August 29th, 2017

Show your aids with style and no stigma

Let’s face it, not everyone likes the look of hearing aids and having to wear what are essentially medical devices, no matter how much they improve your quality of life.

But what if you could infuse your hearing aids with your personal... Read More

August 18th, 2017

Which hearing aid is best for you?

It can often be overwhelming to hear that you have hearing loss and that you need hearing aids.

Hopefully your Audiologist or Hearing Instrument Specialist is knowledgeable and compassionate enough to guide you through the long laundry list of... Read More

August 18th, 2017

To use Q-Tips or not to use Q-Tips

Can cotton swabs, we often call Q-Tips, cause ear infections? The quick answer is yes and what's even more, ear infections - in some cases - can cause hearing loss.

Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists always recommend not using... Read More