7 Benefits of the Phonak Lyric Hearing Aid | Hearing Solutions

October 13th, 2022 | by Hearing Solutions | Hearing Aids
7 Benefits of the Phonak Lyric Hearing Aid | Hearing Solutions

Although hearing aids greatly improve your quality of life, you might feel self-conscious about the idea of wearing a device. However, with advances in hearing aid technology there are many options available that provide the gift of improved hearing in a very discreet way. 

The Phonak Lyric Hearing Aid is a tiny option that fits all the way in the ear canal making it completely invisible. This could be the perfect answer if you have been putting off a hearing test with the worry you will have to wear a hearing aid. 

In this blog we will look at seven benefits of the Phonak Lyric Hearing Aid as the ideal solution to improve your hearing

  1. Phonak Lyric is an undetectable hearing aid

According to Hearing Solutions Audiologist Michelle Kimel, because the Phonak Lyric is worn inside the hearing canal, it is the most discreet hearing aid available. “The Phonak Lyric hearing aid is a really great option for people with mild to moderate hearing losses who are looking for the most discrete option available,” she says. 

  1. Phonak Lyric is worn all the time

Phonak Lyric is worn 24 hours per day, seven days a week for months at a time for added convenience and ease of use. “It is great because they stay in the ears for around two months at a time, without having to insert and remove and change batteries,” explains Michelle. “Busy professionals love this option, as once they are inserted, they don’t need to think about them.”

  1. Phonak Lyric is shower-proof

You can wear your Lyric device in the shower without worries about getting it wet. However, Lyric is water resistant, not waterproof. Therefore, it is not recommended you wear them when participating in water sports or activities where your ears are completely submerged.

  1. Phonak Lyric amplifies hearing naturally

Lyric does not process sounds from outside the ear. Instead, it amplifies using your ear’s own anatomy to amplify sounds. Lyric mimics your ear’s natural ability to hear as it is placed in your ear canal by your eardrum. 

As a result, sounds are processed analog, localizing sound so what you hear is much closer to your natural hearing process than traditional hearing aids. The analog design also reduces demand on the battery and feedback by working with your ear’s own acoustics.

  1. Phonak Lyric is low maintenance

You can wear Lyric to bed without the worry of taking it off, recharging it, or fussing with batteries all the time like traditional hearing aids. Michelle says her clients love Lyric because they are low maintenance. “They can shower with them, and they sleep with them too,” “Patients also have the option of turning them off, if they want the effect of an earplug when they sleep” says Michelle.  

  1. Phonak Lyric reduces tinnitus

If you suffer from the constant ringing of tinnitus, you know that it can be very distracting. Lyric reduces tinnitus to make it easier to hear, while also providing relief from the ongoing noise in your ear. This in turn can also make it easier to sleep.

  1. Phonak Lyric can be used with most headphones

Whether you love audio books, watching your favourite TV series or listening to music when out for a walk, you can wear most headsets, insert earphones and earplugs with Lyric. As long as the insert earphones or earplugs do not touch your hearing aid, you can enjoy listening to all your favourite books, music and other forms of entertainment. 

You can check with your Authorized Lyric Partner to make sure the type of headphones you wish to wear are suitable.

How does Phonak Lyric work?

Lyric has a microphone and receiver used to enhance sound using your ear’s own mechanisms. This provides a more natural sound that is less prone to issues such as feedback.

Is Phonak Lyric comfortable?

Lyric hearing devices are stored inside a biocompatible foam seal before being inserted into your ear. The foam is designed to allow the aid to fit snugly in your ear canal. It also provides natural ventilation in the moist environment of your ear. 

Although it may take a few days, or in some cases weeks to get used to having your Lyric device, it will soon become so comfortable you will probably forget you are even wearing it.

Who can wear Phonak Lyric?

If you have mild to moderately severe hearing loss, you are the ideal candidate for a Lyric hearing aid. You can schedule an assessment with an Authorized Lyric Partner who will determine your level of hearing loss and check your ears to ensure your ear canal can accommodate the device. 

Your audiologist will also consider your medical history and other medical conditions to confirm you are able to wear the Lyric safely and effectively.

How is the Phonak Lyric hearing aid inserted?

If your audiologist confirms you are a suitable candidate for Lyric, they will first measure your ear canal with a depth sizer to ensure your ear canal can accommodate the device. Lateral sizers are then inserted into your ear canal to determine what size is required. Your hearing aid is then programmed using a programming wand, and the hearing aid is then inserted into the foam seal. Your audiologist will then insert the device into your ear canal. 

How often is the Phonak Lyric hearing aid replaced?

The hearing aid is designed to work for months at a time. How long your device lasts depend on the battery. Battery life is impacted by a number of factors such as your level of hearing loss and outside noise levels. 

Where can I find Phonak Lyric hearing aids?

An Authorized Lyric Partner provides Lyric device assessments and fittings. Audiologist Michelle Kimel located at our Hearing Solutions in First Canadian Place clinic can provide the assistance you need to determine if you are a good candidate for Lyric. For more information click here to book an appointment with Michelle.   


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