7 Benefits of the Phonak Audéo Fit Hearing Aid

August 25th, 2022 | by Hearing Solutions | Hearing Aids
7 Benefits of the Phonak Audéo Fit Hearing Aid

Ask any audiologist for the key to finding the perfect hearing aid for you, and they’ll say it’s the one that best suits your lifestyle. It’s kind of like finding the perfect home: what’s perfect for you depends entirely on what features you need, and the same thing goes for hearing aids. 

If you’re looking for a hearing aid that does more than amplify sounds, you’re in luck. Phonak’s Audéo Fit hearing aids are feature-rich and perfect for anyone looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

1. Sweat and Water Resistant 

Wearing a hearing aid shouldn’t stop you from living an active lifestyle. Removing hearing aids to participate in your favourite activities can be a hassle and cut down on enjoyment. The Audéo Fit hearing aids will let you experience an active life at full volume. 

While they are sweat and dust resistant, they’re not waterproof.  You should take them off when you shower or hop in the pool. Feel free to wear them for an intense outdoor workout or a quick walk in the rain, just be sure to clean and dry them after use and before charging. 

2. Earwax Protection

Have you noticed more earwax since you’ve started using hearing aids? Our ears produce more wax to protect us from foreign objects. Hardly just a cosmetic issue, too much earwax can damage hearing aids. Approximately 60-70% of hearing aid repairs are for problems caused by excess earwax!

Luckily Audéo Fit hearing aids are equipped with an earwax protector to protect the speaker. The screen can be easily replaced whenever it looks dirty or if you notice a drop in sound quality. Changing the earwax protector every 4-8 weeks reduces issues like: 

  • Damage to the speaker
  • Audio feedback
  • Loose fit
  • Sound loss

3. Wireless Charging

With the popularity of rechargeable hearing aids, Phonak now offers a charging case to keep your hearing aids protected while charging as well as an optional Power Pack.

Charger Case: This case comes with the Audéo Fit and can fully charge your hearing aids in 3 hours. It includes left and right symbols, a battery indicator and a hard shell for protection. There’s also space for an optional drying capsule. Just open the cup lid and insert a capsule to collect excess moisture. 

Power Pack: Use the Power Pack to help your hearing aids last a bit longer. Simply clip it onto the bottom of the charging case and lock it in place.

4. Smartphone App

As we dive deeper into the digital age, more electronics connect to our phones. Why should your hearing aids be any different? The myPhonak app links your smartphone to your hearing aids for some significant benefits. Check them out below.

Remote Control: Create programs (profiles) for different listening situations and control volume levels. You’ll be able to switch programs and control noise cancellation within the app. If a phone call interrupts a program, you’ll be switched back automatically once it ends.  

Device Configuration: Once you are connected via Bluetooth, you can set hearing aid cleaning reminders while finding your hearing aid battery level right on the app. You can also answer calls and activate the voice assistant on your  Audéo Fit with a tap.  

The myPhonak app is compatible with:

  • Phones that are BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) capable 
  • iPhone 5s and newer with iOS Version 12.0 or newer
  • Android devices with Bluetooth 4.2, GMS (Google Mobile Services) and Android OS 7.0 or newer

5. Activity Tracking

With the word fit in the name, it’s safe to assume the Audéo Fit can support your health and fitness goals. There are a lot of new health tracking features like heart rate, and distance travelled that aren’t available on other hearing aids. The myPhonak app was recently redesigned to focus more on health and well-being and support those new features. 

With the built-in heart rate sensor, you can check:

  • Steps
  • Activity levels
  • Heart rate
  • Distance walked and ran

If you’re familiar with traditional heart rate monitors worn around the wrist, you may be wondering about the accuracy of the Audéo Fit. After all, you’re wearing this in your ears, not on your wrist. There are tons of random movements you make in a day that could affect the accuracy of a wrist sensor. A sensor in the ear could be 100 times clearer than one in the wrist. Check your stats and program optional goal setting on the app.  

6. Crisp Sound Quality

When it comes to hearing aids, nothing is more valuable than crisp and clear sound quality. As part of the Phonak Paradise line, the Audéo Fit delivers just that. 

Featuring AutoSense OS technology, these hearing aids deliver unparalleled sound by analyzing sounds every 0.4 seconds to determine your location. It’ll then blend multiple features to develop the perfect sound quality for over 200 distinct settings. Now you won’t have to manually adjust or play the guessing game to find the right setting for your activity.  

7. Multiple Connections 

Like other Phonak hearing aids, the Audéo Fit boasts a wide array of compatible devices. 

Bluetooth Devices: These hearing aids will pair with most devices featuring Bluetooth. You can have up to eight devices connected to your hearing aids with two devices active simultaneously. 

Roger Microphones: Not to be confused with Canadian tech-giant Rogers, Roger mics are designed to boost your hearing aid experience. A RogerDirect receiver can be installed directly into your hearing aid. After, any Roger mic you connect to your hearing aids will have its audio streamed directly to you over ambient noise and distance. Perfect for class lectures, group fitness workouts and more!

TV Connector:  Simultaneously stream audio signals 15 metres (49 ft) from most TV’s to Bluetooth-connected hearing aids. Setup and usage are simple. Just plug the TV connector into your TV, and the connection is similar to using wireless headphones. 

To speak to an expert about finding the best hearing aids for you, call us at 1-888-811-9979 or click here to book an appointment. 



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