Hearing Aid and Battery Donations for Recycling

Hearing Solutions accepts hearing aid and battery donations for recycling at all of our locations across Ontario. Through our recycling program you can give the gift of sound!

Your generous hearing aid and hearing aid battery donations give the gift of hearing to those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to fully enjoy the sounds of life.

‘Hearing with a Heart,’ as we like to say, is part of our mission

One fateful day our Hearing Solutions clinic at Cloverdale Mall in Etobicoke, Ontario received a call from the founder of Purinapaq, Mr. Jose Orozco. Since 2006 he has been providing assistive medical devices for people in Peru that can’t afford them.

Mr. Orozco began his not-for-profit organization by collecting donations of wheelchairs and scooters for people in need in Peru. A request for hearing aids for a little boy who had multiple disabilities led him to call our clinic. The rest, as they say, is history.

What hearing aids are accepted?

Hearing Solutions accepts all hearing aid donations, whether the devices are working or not. Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists in Peru will determine which hearing aids are in good working condition and which ones will be useful for parts.

The recycled hearing aids will then be refurbished and reprogrammed to meet the needs of the selected patient.

Who decides who needs a hearing aid?

There is a National Council in Peru for people with disabilities, backed by local municipal programs, that receives requests. Hearing aid candidates are put on a waiting list and tested by an Audiologist to assess their level of hearing loss. The Audiologist will also determine what type of hearing aid will work best for the patient.

Once a hearing aid matching the patient’s needs is available, they’re called into the clinic and fitted with their new assistive devices.

Who gets the donated hearing aids?

Most of the recipients of the donated hearing aids are children with severe hearing loss. Some of the recipients are adults with disabilities.

Can I also drop off hearing aid battery donations for recycling?

Yes, Hearing Solutions also accepts hearing aid batteries for donation at all of our clinics. We will be happy to make sure any used or expired batteries are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Sometimes patients or their families donate batteries that no longer have any use to their owner, but that are not expired. Hearing Solutions will make sure these are given to Purinapaq, so that they can be used by someone in need.

The impact of your hearing aid donations?

One 21 year-old Peruvian woman with a profound hearing loss hadn’t worn hearing aids since elementary school because she could not afford to purchase new ones and her old pair had broken.

Purinapaq received two donated power behind-the-ear style hearing aids that were perfect for the patient. When she came to the clinic and had the hearing aid turned on for the first time, she started to laugh for over 5 minutes. She told her mother “I hear you when you whisper about me.”

Where can I drop off my hearing aid donation?

Any hearing aid and/or hearing aid battery you would like to recycle can be dropped off at any of our clinics across Ontario. Thank you very kindly for your donations.

Click here for a list of all Hearing Solutions clinics where you can drop off hearing aid and battery donations.

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