Hearing Healthcare Awareness Event at Bramalea City Centre

September 9th, 2013 | by Andreas Seelisch | Hearing Solutions
Hearing Healthcare Awareness Event at Bramalea City Centre

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Brampton, ON This week Hearing Solutions is hosting a Hearing Health Awareness event at the Bramalea City Centre, where our 12th clinic is located. In our efforts to continue our commitment to serving the community, we’re providing information and giving patrons the opportunity to take a hearing screening using our interactive kiosk.

With hearing loss being one of the fastest growing chronic conditions facing Canadians, we feel our Hearing Health Awareness events, which have increased dramatically over the past year, provide a comfortable atmosphere for people to ask questions they may have wanted to ask for a long time.

According to statistics people often wait years before seeking treatment for hearing loss or even before knowing that they have a hearing loss. Although it’s a common condition, with more people getting hearing loss and getting hearing aids at a younger age, there is a stigma associated with hearing loss that keeps people from seeking help.

Hearing Solutions hopes that these Hearing Health Awareness events will encourage people to find out more about hearing loss and remove the stigma associated with this condition.

The Brampton community has welcomed Hearing Solutions and we hope to give back by helping people learn more about hearing healthcare through education.

Come visit our kiosk or come in to our clinic in the Bramalea City Centre!

About Hearing Solutions

For over 15 dedicated years, the Hearing Solutions mission is to enhance a patient’s quality of life by providing the most comprehensive hearing healthcare in a caring and professional environment. Hearing Solutions owns and operates 12 clinics in the GTA and offers complimentary hearing tests and the latest technology in hearing devices. Hearing Solutions has been voted “Best in Hearing” for over 10 years consecutively.

For more information, visit www.hearingsolutions.ca

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