Hearing Solutions Helps Purinapaq Bring Gift of Sound to Peruvians

July 10th, 2013 | by Andreas Seelisch | Hearing Solutions
Hearing Solutions Helps Purinapaq Bring Gift of Sound to Peruvians

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Toronto, ON Hearing Solutions truly believes that better hearing means a better quality of life. Through Hearing Solutions’ Hearing with a Heart initiative and our partnership with Purinapaq, an organization that provides assistive devices to those who can’t afford them, we’re hoping the gift of sound will change and improve lives. Thanks to the generosity of our patients and their families, Hearing Solutions received 30 pairs of previously owned hearing aids that we then donated to Purinapaq.

Purinapaq recently began yet another mission in Peru, fitting adults and children with hearing aids they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. These generously donated hearing aids are refurbished and reprogrammed by Audiologists in Peru.

Over a short period of time Hearing Solutions has received many pairs of hearing aids from patients who were upgrading to newer technology or from the families of loved ones who had passed away. They simply didn’t know how to dispose of the devices. Now anyone with hearing aids they no longer need can drop them off at any Hearing Solutions location across the GTA. With the help of Purinapaq you can be sure that your once prized investment will continue to pay dividends by helping someone, who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford hearing aids, hear what most of us often take for granted.

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