Phonak Naída V Hearing Aids Provide Discreet Power and Performance

June 21st, 2016 | by Andreas Seelisch | Hearing Aids
Phonak Naída V Hearing Aids Provide Discreet Power and Performance

Phonak Naída V hearing aid wearer, Canadian Comedian and America’s Got Talent 2016 contestant, DJ Demers.

Phonak’s Naída V advanced hearing aids are fully loaded with features like SoundRecover2, to help get you on the road to better hearing.

Part of the Venture model series, the Naída V gives its wearers more power and performance all packed inside a smaller, water-resistant hearing instrument. According to Phonak – a global hearing aid manufacturer – the Naída V is over 60% more robust than its predecessor.

What is SoundRecover2?

The SoundRecover2 technology allows you to hear high-frequency sounds, like women’s and children’s voices.

High-pitched sounds can be hard to hear with conventional hearing aids, especially for people with moderate to profound hearing loss.

With SoundRecover2 technology, your Naída V Phonak hearing instrument makes sounds become more audible, natural and clear.


So that does that mean for you?

A more robust hearing aid with the ability to broaden and fill in gaps with more audible sound means you can function better at work, rest and at play.

The Naída V hearing aid comes in three models to accommodate your degree of hearing loss, including:

  • Naída V-RIC – Receiver-in-Canal style
  • Naída V-SP – Super Power Behind-the-Ear style
  • Naída V-UP – Ultra Power Behind-the-Ear style

It doesn’t matter what level of hearing loss you have, Phonak’s Naída V hearing aid can help you with either mild, moderate, severe or profound hearing losses.

Style and Function

As a Naída V wearer, you have the choice of a variety of colours to suit your personal taste.

Wireless technology allows you to stream audio from your phone, TV, PC, laptop or other multimedia device directly through your hearing aids using Bluetooth.

You can control your hearing aids easily with your personal remote.

Roger microphones and receivers

For additional hearing support, Phonak’s Naída V works seamlessly with their discreet Roger microphones and receivers.

As wireless solutions, the Roger Pen, Roger EasyPen, Roger Table Mic and Roger Clip-On Mic are hands-free, hassle-free devices you can connect to your hearing devices for extra peace of mind.

Depending on the model, simply lay your Roger device on a table or ask whoever you’re speaking with to clip the device onto their clothing and you’ll immediately get the boost you need in more challenging listening environments.

Find out more

To find out more about the Phonak Naída V hearing aid, the Roger line of listening devices or to ask any questions about hearing health, contact a Hearing Solutions clinic near you.

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